New In Beauty | Natural Collection Highlighter

New In Beauty | Natural Collection Highlighter

When I spotted this teeny-tiny stick of highlighting goodness on my latest trip to Boots, I simply had to have it. Natural Collection isn't a brand that's new to me, in fact it was the first ever makeup company that I tried as a young teenager. Despite never quite reaching the popular heights of fellow drugstore brands such as Rimmel, L'Oreal and Maybelline, NC have always stayed their ground and still offer some of the most affordable items on the market - such as these mini highlighting sticks.

Along with being ridiculously cute and the size of my thumb, the packaging of these highlighters is simple, white and classic. The range comes in three different shades: Rose Glow, Coral Glow and Copper Glow. Whilst in the store I made the executive (and surprisingly well restrained!) decision to only pick up the rosey toned shade, as the other two just looked a fraction too dark for my fair skin.


When I first opened up the packaging, I was a little bit dubious. Although the colour was a gorgeous dusty pink, there also seemed to be quite a few chunks of glitter mixed into the formula. I love a good, bold highlight but over time I have found that the ones that contain glittery chunks just don't work as well on the skin. However, upon swatching this one on my arm I instantly changed my mind. It looked absolutely stunning: subtle, shimmery and oh-so elegant. So what did I do? I immediately slathered it all over my face of course...well, my cheekbones at least!



I honestly did not expect to be as impressed as I am by this product. I thought it would be okay, but I didn't realise that it would become the highlight that I would be reaching for on a daily basis. It's simply perfect for that subtle-yet-shiny everyday makeup look. If I was heading out on the town with the girls I'd probably go for something a lot more bold, but for work or school it's ideal.




So what about the cost? Drum-roll's only £1.99! Yes, seriously! Okay, so it is a tiny product but it definitely packs a punch, so I'm more than impressed with this price tag. I really wish that Natural Collection would bring out a larger range of shades so I can find a couple more that look good on my skin tone! This is probably the best thing that I've seen from this brand in a long time, and I can't wait to see if they continue to up their game...

Natural Collection is available exclusively in Boots: click HERE to go to their website!

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