Black and White and Everything In Between

Black and White and Everything In Between

Jul 28, 2016, 7:00:13 PM Life and Styles

When I was a kid I had white hair. I am fair-skinned with blue eyes.

As I was growing up I used to run around in shorts and skirts and not think twice.

From the age of 11/12 I no longer wore skirts or shorts. As soon as I hit high school I wore black tights all year round.

Must have been hot right? Yes, extremely. Especially during a New Zealand summer.

Perhaps it was to do with the fact that I was teased for being so pale. "Snowflake" was a nickname I had acquired; I didn't know this until years later.

Now I'm not sure why people think they can tease people for the colour of their skin, afterall, it's not as if we chose this skin. We were just born with it. It should not be something we're ashamed of. It should not be something we try and cover up and hide.

As cliche as I sound; all skin colours are beautiful. Black and white and everything in between.

Published by Hannah Wright


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