2017: Lets do This!

2017: Lets do This!

Jan 9, 2017, 8:36:12 PM Life and Styles

2017 will be a year of becoming more of an adult. I am not a person who normally does New Year resolutions because I don't really believe in waiting for a certain time to do something. However, I do have goals that I want to reach. Such as driving, buying a car, graduating university, starting a job and travelling more. 

Of course I have more personal goals. I aim to be independent and try not to depend on others or more so expect things from others, as this can often lead to disappointment. Although I have high expectations whether it be from friends, family or school, I try to stay down to earth. I am trying to learn what I like and I what I do not like. Learning from previous experience, there is no point in forcing yourself to love something that you know will never happen. 

Doings things you enjoy will make life so much easier and a little stress free. But before the new year, I have become more confident in what I do at university which showed in my work. I want to bring this confidence outside of school ; to be less indecisive, not overthink and find my voice. I know my voice is there, but it needs to shine.

I look forward to 2017 and life after education, as it will be a completely new door opening for me. 



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