Anklets, Anklets, Anklets!

Anklets, Anklets, Anklets!

I have become obsessed with accessories over the last couple of months. Earrings, necklaces, rings, glasses and now anklets. All jewellery helps an outfit to be more fabulous and balances out everything. 

Going back to anklets, I was not really fond of them that much and where only things I used to buy when I was holiday, as a memory. But after seeing a range of designs this year that I love, I want to buy them all. There has been a style that includes chains and a tie, instead of the basic clip. You can tie the strap in to a nice bow  and position it so it is either showing on the outer side of you ankle or at the back.

These would especially look incredible with high heels and look forward to wearing them like this. Mine are quite chunky but I want them to be seen.

You can wear them with:

Cropped or rolled up jeans

Mini skirt

Midi skirt


Bodycon dress


Heels, as long as they do not have anything that goes around the ankle


Asos - £15 for a set of two

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