Artist Rooms: Louise Bourgeois

Artist Rooms: Louise Bourgeois

Oct 27, 2016, 11:40:24 PM Creative

The Tate Modern has welcomed the Switch House and has included Artist Rooms for many international artist.

Most people have come across Louise Bourgeois' sculpture of a spider that was displayed outside the Tate in 2008. Her drawings and sculptures reflect on many experiences such as love, death, birth and fear and many which are personal.

The exhibition showcased a variety of her late work and her early work, as well as a range of materials she has used. There was so much life in both rooms. A selection of her smaller sculptures were kept behind glass in a smaller room, while her larger pieces where placed in the main space. The sculptures where visually pleasing because they were positioned a various ways. Some were hanging from the ceiling and others spread across the flooring.

Although I am not usually fond of sculptures, there is something I quite like about Bourgeois. It could be the design of them and how they are a bit dark and quirky. The range of materials she has used keeps the exhibition interesting. For example, the drawings complemented the sculptures because it was 2D representation of her 3D work. The layout of the drawing worked well against the large white walls. The frames helped the drawings not be drowned by the walls and to perhaps make them slightly three dimensional.

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