Photographer or Instagrammer?

Photographer or Instagrammer?

Oct 8, 2016, 7:05:43 PM Opinion

We are in a generation that is more or less based around the internet and social media and of course this comes with its positives and negatives. The generation born before all this obsession have had to adapt to this change to survive. Photo albums for example have now become a public subject to share and to be viewed by friends, family and the world.

Instagram is the probably the top social media site to post anything visual. Professional photographers have even joined to sell their work to a larger audience, which is a great way to do so. It is all about the techniques such as hashtags to connect to a certain audience. Not saying that everyone now uses this. Many who were established before all this, perhaps hate the idea of all of it. 

No one can say what is and what isn't photography and it is a constant battle between the good and the bad. Likes and follows we obtain are involved in our social media ego. Someone with 60k followers who is a photographer might have the concept that they are better than another photographer who has 300 followers. 

But who is the real photographer? The phrase 'instagrammer' (just a person who uses Instagram) has come about recently. Some people take photos better than others and put more thought in to it. Maybe those who blog have to be more precise about their post. Going against this, there are those who have off beat photos with awkward compositions, quite blurry and perfection does not matter. 


Published by Hannata Duoghnkeh

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