Rome, A City I Could Move To.

Rome, A City I Could Move To.

For most people, Rome is probably a place to travel to for a city holiday. I enjoy any holiday I go to, but when I get the chance to go to a city, a European one especially, I am ecstatic.

My 6 day holiday to Rome was the best holiday I have had in long time. I got to see amazing architecture, eat amazing food and have amazing weather. To get the best experience in Rome is to walk everywhere and see what the streets have to offer. I love how the streets are. They're narrow, the roads a quite bumpy but there is so much life within them.

 Most of the streets are filled with tiny shops or restaurants and above them are apartments. The windows remind me of films based in Europe, that have the wooden blinds that can be opened wide and you would often see a person hanging out having a cigarette. A very traditional structure. They make the city even more beautiful.    

When going on a city holiday it is always important to visit as many museums, art galleries or just any where that you can learn history. I love history. The Colosseum and The Vatican Museum were amazing inside. Even the outside was impressive. And hot! Something I learnt was to always buy tickets in advance as you really do not want to be standing in the heat for a long time. Luckily we (me and my boyfriend) bought the tickets online and just found somewhere to print them if that was needed. 

The architecture is wonderful. Something built thousands of years ago and is a reminder of what the Romans built is so breathtaking. I learnt about what happened inside such as the condemned coming face to face with wild animals and obviously being killed in a barbaric manner. Some men were of course gladiators who wanted fame and fortune by fighting the animals. They wanted to be pardoned by the emperor or the audience.


Now The Vatican Museum. This has to be the largest museum I have ever walked around. And that wasn't all of it. It contains the largest art collections in the world with an outstanding 1400 rooms. The queues are very long and there is not really a good time to avoid it. There are tours that take you to certain sections which makes your visit much easier. We happened to bump in to a ticket seller on the streets. No doubt you will run in to one because there are a lot on the streets. He offered us a tour ticket that took as through some galleries, the chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.  The tour took about 2 hours. So make sure you have water and good stamina!

When I saw the architecture inside, my mouth dropped literally. That's usually my face when I'm overwhelmed with what I can see.

Seriously, Rome is architecture heaven!

Another great aspect of city travels is the night time. I feel as though the city changes and the atmosphere is more lively. I think even though you may not go to a night club, just going to a little a bar, a restaurant or anything during the night, you'll love it.

I happened to go to a market along the river which was so lovely. There was food, drinks and music, along with clothes, bag and other accessories being sold. Compared to London, everything is more relaxed because most people do not start the night until 10/11pm. 

I know for sure I will go back to Rome and spend a longer time there. I loved everything about it, including getting the Metro and long walks in the summer heat.


Villa Borghese Garden & Galleria Borghese

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