Sicilian Dream

Sicilian Dream

As you may know, I was born and grew up in the big city London. I am use to a busy life with a whole load of people weaving in and out of each other trying to get to places. I never imagined I would ever get the chance to travel to Sicily if it wasn't for my boyfriend, who is actually from Modica, South of Sicily.

For me, going to a country like this is like a holiday but for him it's his home. Blue skies, blue clear water and palm trees is the perfect relaxation get away. But what I notice the most was how big the sky is. In London, there are so many building that are block the view of the sky. I become frustrated sometimes when the sky has an amazing sunset but can't capture the perfect shot because of skyscrapers. As soon as I arrived in Sicily, I was aware of the stars and how easy it was to see them. So beautiful. 

The building are so much smaller and so cute. It seems more welcoming than when you first arrive somewhere like London.  The city is situated in the Hyblaean Mountains. When you stand above the city, you are able to see how the architecture literally becomes part of the island.  


It must have been about 3 years since I have actually been to a beach where i can wear a bikini and go in the sea. A sea that is blue. It was exciting!

Two notable places within Sicily is the cathedral and church, Duomo di San Giorgio and Duomo di San Pietro. The architecture on both is stunning and magnificent. They are built in the Sicilian Baroque style which is something that give the island character.

Even more pretty at night!

 The town centre is lovely and small and also has incredible views from the bottom.

The photo above is where a little shop sold cannoli, a traditional Sicilian pastry dessert. I waited so long to try it and when I did I wanted another 10! Mine was filled with chocolate.

I also got to discover how Sicilians and families work. Being a family is important to them, so nearly all meals are spent together, even lunch. Most people have a car and drive to places instead of waiting for transport, which I must admit is nice and makes me want to drive more.

Hopefully I get to return to Modica and also see other parts of Sicily too.

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