Stop Making London Miserable

Stop Making London Miserable

Oct 1, 2016, 8:07:08 PM Opinion

Recently there has been a new anti-Tube Chat campaign created by a Twitter account, Shut Up Tube Chat. It comes after a previous campaign to get people to start talking to each other on the tube in London. Leaflets with badges were handed out to Londoners to indicate commuters to engage in conversation and not be so cold, like what London is seen as. 

But London is not overly friendly. That's the truth. And when someone does something slightly nice, it comes as a shock. I don't really expect people to open the doors for me or let me on the bus first. Especially during rush hour, no one wants to speak and just wants to get to there destination without a hassle. Everyone one for themselves.

However, there's still no need to make people be ice cold. I personally do not like the idea of starting a conversation with a stranger but I am fine with someone talking to me first. It's not that we are completely rude people, I think we just like to mind our own business. Of course now a days, you can almost stare accidentally at a person and get accused of giving a dirty look so most of us would rather keep to ourselves. 

To be fair, wearing one of the badges would certainly encourage people to talk to you, just to be annoying.

This generation is very much what is right and what is wrong. A person will let you know or force their view on you in any way possible. If you want to talk to a fellow passenger, talk to them, if you don't, then don't. As long as the time is right to be polite, make sure you are.

Luckily Transport For London have nothing to do with this. And overall around 80% commuters did not take a leaflet because deep down, we're nice people. 

Published by Hannata Duoghnkeh

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