University Workshop Challenge

University Workshop Challenge

Today we had a research workshop to helps more on different ways to get started. When researching, I tend to use the internet and sometime books to find out information whether it is text or visuals. 

In the session we had 30 A5 sheets of paper all laid out on a table and numbered 1-30 per person. Similar to bingo, our tutor shouted out random numbers from 1-30 and we had to put down anything that was in our heads on the sheet with that number. When I mean anything, I mean things that had to do with our project. This could be cutting out images we had with us, writing words down, drawing, scribbling etc.

Our brains have a concentration time of 45 minutes and after that we start to lose it. So after 45 minutes of doing this we were rewarded a break, then we got back to it. 

I had a mix of emotions going through the exercise but I found it fun.It is intense as you have to think hard and fast, as well as trying not to lose concentration. Nevertheless, my brain did drift off and I forgot everything that was around me, which was the purpose of the workshop. To help us with our studies, it is important that we love our work so much that we drift off and lose time when working. And instead of not doing work when we are stuck, that we just keep our hands moving anyway because it is more stressful not doing work and you might even gain a new idea when doing so.

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