Benefits of Reusable Shopping Bags

Benefits of Reusable Shopping Bags

A very commonly asked question every time you are at the check out counter while you go shopping is, “would you like a shopping bag for your items?” And let’s say you have said, “Yes, I would”. You probably have your reason for that. It might be because it’s a paper bag are they are environmentally friendly (no harm in that right?), or it could be a plastic bag which you could reuse later for domestic purpose (it’s reusable anyway!). But let us tell you this, you would make a terrible choice choosing either one of them. Because there is one option you haven’t considered, its reusable shopping bags. Now you would probably wonder what’s wrong with a paper bag? They are recyclable and environment friendly too. Well, if you should know, for every 50000 pages of paper 100 tree are chopped down. Instead of planting trees, we are cutting them down. Now that doesn’t sound very environmentally friendly, does it? In fact, if you think about it sounds alarming!

Using a reusable shopping is the one of the ways to live sustainably. There are other benefits of using these bags for us as well as for the nature.

Reduces Pollution

Plastic bags as you know are harmful for the environment. They take decades to decompose and if burnt they produce harmful gases into the air. So, using a reusable shopping bag can reduce the use of plastic bags.

Wildlife Protection

When plastic have been chucked out in the water bodies it has affected many marine animals. They either shallow them or get tangled in them. Many a times there have been such case when we could find plastic in their stomach. This might lead to death of many marine animals.

Saving money on shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags cost more then the regular shopping bags, but they are a one-time purchase and you won’t have to pay every time for a shopping bag at the counter.

Could be used for other purpose

Reusable shopping bags could be used for other occasion as well other shopping. These bags are strong and could be used to carry heavy items, they are designed that way. You could find a great collection of reusable shopping bags at MFPA. They are beautifully designed and could be used anywhere.

Long-time use

Unlike plastic or paper bags reusable shopping bags could last for years. Once you buy it you don’t have to worry about replacing it for years to come. They are durable and spacious.

There are many reasons to go for reusable shopping bags and so little reason to use plastic and paper bags. By taking this small step you could benefit so much for the environment as well as yourself. So next time you are being asked at the check-out counter if you need a shopping bag for your purchase, we hope you go prepared with your own reusable ones. Use them yourself and encourage others to do the same.

Take a step towards sustainable living and without further thoughts get those wonderful bags today!

Published by Harapriya Debata

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