Fill your day with positivity with the right artwork

Fill your day with positivity with the right artwork

Oct 11, 2021, 9:34:24 AM Life and Styles

If you have taken a decision the redecorate your home with wall arts and paintings than you are on the right track. Paintings are a way to give a character to your home. They are basically evergreen when it comes redecorating. Wall art adds so much of beauty to your home. It makes your home look classy and elegant. On the plus side redecorating it always fun. The choices you make helps you discover so much about yourself. And there are so many options to choose from!

The first thing to do while selecting art for home is choose wisely. You have to understand which type of art would go with your wall colours and describe your taste, which painting is appropriate for your home and for you. Also, choosing the right paintings for different rooms. Of course, you can always redecorate later but how wonderful it would be to get it right the first time!

You should go for paintings that bring your walls to life and at same time bring you joy when you look at it. It should be pleasant to look at and brighten up your day. Even on your dullest days your home should be a happening place for you. Those painting should just dissolve all negative thoughts when you are home. The bright colours should bring you happy thoughts!

Such is the beauty of paintings of MFPA. These painting are created by mouth and foot painting artist. The artists have lost the use of their hand due accidents, disability and birth defect and they create these masterpieces with their mouth and foot. The art and the artists are both so inspiring and fill you heart with positivity. How can you feel demotivated when you have such beautiful paintings as a part of your home?

People have artwork at their home for various reasons. It could be because they liked the look of it or they might have sentimental connection with it, sometime it could be just because it goes with the décor. It could be souvenir or a gift from a loved one. Or sometimes its because they inspire us. On our days of struggles it reminds us to keep going. Think of a MFPA painting hanging on your wall and imagine how after all the hardship these artists have been through still managed to excel with flying colours and get their life together, then why can’t you?

Another great reason to have beautiful paintings at home is because it is so pleasing to the eyes of everyone. When have guest over it could be a wonderful conversation starter. You could talk about the art and the artist how painted it. Art is always a good topic for discussion!

Redecorating your home with the right art work is very important because you have to live with it. So, brighten up the walls of your home with happy colours of beautiful paintings and brighten your day along with it.

Published by Harapriya Debata


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