Importance of Art in our Life

Importance of Art in our Life

Art is a different language altogether. It is communicated without uttering a single word. From cave drawings to Michealangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling, art has been an integral part of our life and we could never imagine a world without it. There are ones who create known as artists and the ones who observe and appreciate, we all have been on one side of the table or the other.

Things tend to lose value after a while but art never does. If anything, many antique paintings are sold at a greater value over time! When you choose the right art for your home and place in the right corner of your house the beauty of your home magnifies.

This particular article will help you understand why you need art in your life.

Our brain is wired that way

We humans have connection with artistic things. We see beauty when other species don’t because our mind looks for it and love feeding to fuel to our creative side. That is the reason children paint and draw.

Art is appreciated in all cultures

People with different lifestyle, culture and language appreciate the same artworks. We have some famous artist from all over the world throughout history. Many times, art has brought people from different background closer together because they have the same interest in art.

Speaks of our history

May it be cave markings or a 14th century painting, we have learned and gathered a lot of historical data from art. We are what we are today because of our history and art has made it possible for us understand our ancestry.

A world full of colours

It is said that human minds can distinguish 10 million colours! Imagine how beautiful our life would be with colourful artwork around. Why not use the gift that has been given to us?

Encourages a stress free surrounding

Art helps us alleviate our stress. It has a calming effect on us every time we look at it. A soothing colour tone and beautiful view to magical land of imagination would do wonders for releasing stress and anxiety.

Home Décor

This goes without saying that artwork helps a lot with improving the décor of your home. Hanging alluring paintings contribute a lot to beautifying your home and always encourage lively conversation and good taste for décor ideas.

It is very important take a break from your busy schedule and spend some appreciating and understanding art. This not only refines your taste but also you appreciate the hard work of another person who created a beautiful masterpiece. One of the best examples of such is MFPA, paintings created by mouth and foot painting artists. These artists have lost their hands due to birth defect, accident and illness. But thy are living their life independently and without charity!

So, fill your surrounding with amazing masterpieces and colours, appreciate beauty whenever you can and always keep looking for your creative side.

Published by Harapriya Debata


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