Wall Plates for Home Décor

Wall Plates for Home Décor

Decorative wall plates are no longer for grandparent’s homes. Wall plates décor are definitely back in the trends. Why just limit your home to paintings and loved one’s photographs? Wall plates definitely add a touch of elegance and give our homes an antique-y look. In recent times wall plate have been gaining a lot of popularity for home décor.

The idea of hanging plates on wall was started when people instead of throwing away the old china plates came up with the creative idea to hang them on the wall instead. Mostly these plates were family heirlooms too worn out to be used and had too much sentimental values to be throw away. That is how the fashion of wall plate hanging started. And now it is not just about hanging old china plates anymore, it is a home décor strategy many people are adopting.

You could make gallery for all your wall plates and have so many options when it comes to wall plates. There is wooden, metal, wicker and most common is the ceramic wall plates. And then there is the design you want for your home, there is floral, abstract, geometrical and the historical patterns. The options are endless. You can choose the one’s that go with your home décor. And of course, if you are unsure about how it would all turn out you can always look at some ideas over Pinterest. Pinterest never disappoint us when it comes to looking for home décor ideas, right!

You can hang decorative wall plates anywhere in the house. But you can go for the kitchen and the dinning space for starters. Start small. Get few plates for the wall in the beginning. You can try with different shape of plates, may be oval, square or round which is most preferred. Test the colour patterns, prints and designs that would go with the wall. And when you are sure you can add more to the décor and different room of your house.

Some of the best decorative wall plates you can get from MFPA. These wall plates are aesthetically pleasing and could go with all home décor. The print on the plates are the paintings created by mouth and foot painting artists who have lost the use of their hand due to illness, birth defect or accident. Would it be amazing to own something that tells you some inspiring stories of these beautiful artists? Imagine what a piece of conversation starter it would be with your guests!

Wall plates are unique way to add a pleasing look to your home décor. They have been adding beauty the homes for ages and even today they have gained more popularity than ever before. Wall plates are known to be a part of Victorian and southern homes for ages and now slowly they are regaining their popularity. They are attributed to finesse and refinement and generally great taste. What’s more amazing is that each and every one of these unique designs are varied to match the personality of the person owning them.

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