Ways To wear A stole

Ways To wear A stole

Stoles are so in fashion right now. They all the rage in the fashion industry now a days. They go with a formal look, casual look and a semi casual look. From casual to classy, a stole would go with every outfit. With jeans and t-shirt it would bring out the cheeky side of you and with an evening dress and a stole wrapped around your neck you would definitely make some heads turn. They even add some magic to most of your dull and boring clothes. And not to forget all the other ways you can use it. You wear it as a belt, or just wrap it around your bags strap. Below are some of the most appealing ways to style a stole! Do give them a read.

1.      Style a stole with your work-wear

Now if you are tired of wearing the similar dull formal wear every day to work you could just wrap and a stole around your neck. Just wear them your jacket and voila! You stand out in the crowd. Simple, classy and ready to take on the world.

2.      For the kurti lovers

If you are one of those girls who loves wearing kurti to basically every place you go, you can hang a colourful stole with your kurti with your hair down. People would definitely stop and stare while you walk down the streets.

3.      Leather Jacket and a stole

Now let’s talk about those cold winter outing and having an extra layer of protection to keep you warm is always a good idea. With a skinny denim jean, a leather jacket and a stole wrapped around your neckline you are the prefect combination of style and comfort in the winters.

4.      Rocking the evening dress with a stole

For those solid-coloured evening dresses you haven’t been sure about wearing. They would so go with a vibrant stole. Won’t you look adorable!

5.      Wearing a stole as a hair accessory

This look makes any women look absolutely gorgeous! There are so many ways you can use the stole as a hair accessory. You could tie it around your pony tail, or you could wrap it on your bun with a little bow, you can also braid it along your hair!

6.      Wearing it as belt

You can wear a stole as belt on any dress or pants. They go with everything. On pants, wrap it along with your regular belt and on a dress just tie around with a knot and bow. You can thank us later for this piece of golden advice!

7.      Handbags and stole

Thinking of what to do with some dull and plain handbags? Wrap a stole around the handle and bring your bag to life!

8.      Stole as a face cover

You could also use a stole to protect your face from dirt, pollution and from getting tanned. Next time you step out of the house make sure you give your face that extra level of protection with a stole.

Stoles are amazing accessories and they go with everything. A nice and vibrant stole would add colour to your whole persona. It would make you appear confident and you are a whole new person with a stole wrapped around your neck. You can get some beautiful stoles online from MFPA. They have various prints and design to choose from. The great thing about those stoles are they are designed by very talented mouth and foot painting artists. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wear something like that? Now go get some beautiful stoles and try these hacks with all you outfit. 

Published by Harapriya Debata

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