Hassle-Free, Speedy, and Safe Indian Languages Typing Apps for Free

Hassle-free, speedy, and safe Indian languages typing apps for free

Hassle-Free, Speedy, and Safe Indian Languages Typing Apps for Free

Aug 25, 2021, 12:00:32 PM Tech and Science

The in-built interface of windows based operating systems supports writing in many Indian languages. But, users might face several problems when it comes to writing fonts that are not stored in the memory. Indian languages such as Malayalam, Bengali, Assamese, and Oriya have difficult fonts that might not suit properly to the default writing mechanism. So, it can become challenging when you have to work on PC in a regional or local language. However, it is not a permanent problem since there are various tools available that can offer secure, hassle-free, and swift typing of Indian languages. 

ISM Malayalam

It is the most promising application that is useful for typing the Malayalam language on PC. The full form of ISM is intelligent script manager, so you can get an idea that it is a smart application. C-DAC has developed it with a modern interface and programming that enable users to get secure, seamless, and convenient Malayalam typing. 

ISM Malayalam has a smart keyboard layout that supports Unicode fonts. Subsequently, as a user, you can get error-free typing in Malayalam fonts without even learning them. It also supports the conversion of data from English to Malayalam. As a newbie, you can use this app to create content and even can learn the language. 

Indic Kannada typing

Kannada is a far easy language than Malayalam and Oriya to learn, but the initial step is to get familiar with this lingo properly. The best way to know this language well is to type it using a PC. Indic Kannada typing is a nice application that offers 100 percent accurate and fast typing in this script. However, you only need to learn the combination of the keyboard buttons such as CTRL + G to convert English text into Kannada. This tool is free to download and you can use it for emails, chatting, and messaging. 


Rodali is a useful Unicode support system that you can use to write Assamese characters on the computer. It is an intelligent typing tool that has a user-friendly interface and a fast typing mechanism. It is available in 2.0 versions that support precise Assamese typing on windows 10 computers. You can download this application without any charges and can use it for convenient and rapid typing. 

Easy Urdu typing 

Urdu is an ancient Indian language but still has popularity among people living in Uttar Pradesh and surrounding areas. You can type text in this language with an online easy Urdu typing tool. This tool is absolutely free to use and can convert the data in a meager period. You only need to type content in English and it will instantly convert it into Urdu. The tool has an in-built language transliteration system that acts swiftly to make typing flawless. 


You can employ this hasty application to inscribe in Tamil. It has a powerful interface to acknowledge fast and error-free typing of Tamil. It supports with the Tamil keywords but you will also get an alternative to convert English into Tamil with its transliteration system. The tool is freeware and packed with modern features to get Tamil typing without any mess. It supports all windows versions, android, and iphone as well. 

Amar Bangla

Using Bengali script while working on the computer can make you really annoyed since you cannot find the correct fonts to use. Consequently, in order to avert such hassle, you can switch to Amar Bangla a model app that can make Bengali typing actually a smooth adventure. It supports 39 Bengali fonts that are free to use so by using this app, you can get flawless typing that is not possible with the default windows system. You can download amar bangla tool and use it by installing it on your Windows 10 PC and can utilize it free. 

Soni Hindi typing 

Hindi is also a good language that you may like to use while working on the PC. You can use Soni typing software to fulfill your needs as it is a fast application. Moreover, you can download it free and can also use it for typing and learning Hindi fonts. It is the prominent choice among individuals looking for preparation for government exams in the Hindi language. You can download and install this app online. 

Final words

Using these tools is really a great deal that you can get as a user of Windows PC. You can make Indian language typing a time and cost-saving endeavor as these tools are rapid and free to download. By simply clicking on the specific links you can get them inside your machine.  

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