The Latest Breakthrough Explained 5G Networks in India

5G Networks in India

The Latest Breakthrough Explained 5G Networks in India

Aug 25, 2021, 7:52:26 AM Tech and Science

Every generation of networks comes with something unique and fast data transfer without much lagging. 5G is the fifth generation of networks which is coming soon. 5G network ensure smoother connectivity. Many networks like Airtel and Jio are also preparing for trials in major cities of India. That’s means faster downloads, more online business opportunities, moreover, this network transformation will change our society and technology as a whole.

5G network has been designed to enhance the experience of users. In April 2019, South Korea has become the first nation to adopt 5G network. By 2020, the network has got its users in around 85 cities. Overall, around 378 cities in 34 countries, 5G network has launched out of which US has 50 cities with 5G network, UK has more than 30 5G ready cities and China with 57 cities and India has a lot to catch up.

5G network, Where does India stand?

Airtel has started 5G network trials in many cities, it is estimated that by 2026, India will have 90% of 5G users. Jio and Airtel have announced the 5G plans and waiting for approvals due to the delay in launching the 5G network as it is been said by parliament that the 5G network will roll out in India by 2022 for specific tasks only and 4G network should be continued for next 5-6 years. According to sources, it is also noted 5G network transition will be different from former networks and it will also offer 100 times faster data speed than 4G.

However, there are many 5G mobile phones are available in India but the 5G network will take some time as it needs to be tested by network operators then invest and build out the network infrastructure after obtaining the 5G spectrum from the government of India and then after all these procedures 5G network in India will be completely ready to offer service and high data speed. Many factories and industries will be benefited from 5G network due to smart manufacturing technology and easy connectivity to customers and buyers. The Indian government is doing its best to make the country a global manufacturing hub and catch up with the developed countries in technologies.

Recently, Airtel 5G trial network has been conducted in Mumbai by the telecom giant using Nokia’s 5G gear. A trial video has shown that the network was able to achieve a speed of 1.2Gpbs with ultra-low latency. The previous trial conducted in Gurgaon has managed to achieve a speed of 1Gpbs. Another trial of the Airtel 5G network will be conducted soon in Kolkata. Other cities included Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Sources noted that Airtel has been allotted the 5G trial spectrum at 3500MHz, 28GHz, and 700MHz. Airtel is also the first telecom operator to conduct live 5G network trials across India.

Airtel and Intel have also announced the collaboration to develop a 5G network by holding on to virtualized radio access network (vRAN) and open radio access network (O-RAN). Airtel and Intel are planning to work together to develop world-class telecom infrastructure in India. The collaboration is also part of Airtel’s 5G network roadmap for India to transform its network as it allows the customers to reap the benefits of 5G technology.

The chairman of Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani has also rolled out the 5G plans and promised to make Jio, the first company to offer 5G service. Currently, the company is working on 2G mukt and 5G yukt, India, and also stated that Jio has got approval for initiating 5G network trials. The vision of the 5G network of Reliance Jio is much more than just phones. The Jio technology will also enable the creation of healthcare, education, and entertainment apps. A new ambulance with features such as remote doctor access, real-time hi-fidelity telemedicine will be connected in the partnership with Hiranandani Reliance Foundation Hospital to make the ambulance a virtual hospital emergency room where doctors will be getting live feed of the patient and able to consult with the team of the ambulance while on the move.

Reliance Jio is also aiming to use 5G technology in education by enabling interactive AR and VR experiences for students to make the learning process more innovative and eventful. If we talk about the network trials, the company has acquired spectrum in 800MHz, 1800MHz, and 2300MHz in 22 cities in India. Jio has partnerships with Google, and the company will leverage telecom-specific features of Google Cloud to support its network. Navi Mumbai has become the first network trial Field of Jio. And a report by Qualcomm says that Jio has managed to achieve the speed of 1Gbps using indigenous technology. Jio will also use a sub-6Hz network for a longer range and a mmWave network for faster internet speed in India. It is also believed that the 5G network service of Jio won’t be as cheap as 4G considering the infrastructure and hardware required for the network development.

India’s third-largest telecom operator, Vodafone is also in the queue for offering 5G network services across the country. The company has also started 5G network trials in Pune and Gandhinagar in partnership with European Vendors Ericsson and Nokia. The company has successfully made progress in deploying several 5G ready technologies and also announced that the company would work with Cisco to deploy new software applications and services like voice over Wi-Fi by adding Cisco ultra packet core to the network architecture.

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has allocated 5G trials 700MHz, 3.5GHz, and 26GHz bands in Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone. While Vodafone is committed to providing high-class service to its users, it will be very exciting to see which telecom operator will make it to the first 5G network provider.

How will the 5G network change the lives of Indians?

After years of predictions, 5G network will soon become a part of our lives and change it more excitingly than any previous technology transition. Here are the three ways in which the 5G network will change our lives:-

1)  Driverless Vehicles:- According to the study, 95% of car accidents occurred due to careless driving by humans. By making the vehicles driverless, we could save 1.25 million lives each year. The vehicles will have to converse with sensors to maintain the distance and traffic rules, the sensors will be implanted in traffic signals and street signs and only a faster network like 5G could support these projects due to low latency. This way, the streets will become less crowded, cars will be owned by only a few people which also make the air less polluted.

2)  Smart offices and more work:- 5G will also help innovate office infrastructure, remote work will be prioritized, and create more employment opportunities. A smart office environment will automatically boost productivity by making online work more quick and easy. Businesses will be able to have access to anything without massive interruptions and bring a new technological revolution to businesses.

Day to day life:- The impact of the 5G network is not limited to those only, it will change our whole life in a way we can’t even imagine. We will have better service of Uber, food delivery, and shopping. We will be able to switch on/off fridges, and ovens from our drawing-room with just one click. An HD movie that takes 30-50 min to download now will be downloaded in seconds. We will be able to have a health consultation with a doctor from home and education will become more creative.

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