FAQs for Entrepreneurs Considering a Used and Salvage Car Business

FAQs for Entrepreneurs Considering a Used and Salvage Car Business

Feb 6, 2018, 4:15:28 PM Business

Setting up a business for buying and selling used and salvage cars can be quite lucrative given that new cars have become unaffordable by many. Also, recycling scrap metals has become more profitable than before as the prices of these metals have risen substantially in the recent past. If you are interested in establishing a used and salvage car business, some FAQs:

Do I Need a License to Act as a Dealer of Used and Salvage Cars?

There are quite a few states in America where the Department of Motor Vehicles permits individuals to buy and sell cars up to three times in a single year. Even if your state has this restriction, it can be quite easy to work around it. In the first stage, buy and sell cars in your own name and then turn to a family member or someone else you are close to for another three transactions. By then, you will know if the business interests you enough so you can go ahead and apply to become a licensed dealer.

What Are the Advantages of Becoming a Licensed Dealer?

Acquiring a dealer license gives you a number of benefits without much expense.You can operate a business legally without any restrictions on the number of vehicles you buy or sell. You can run your business from wherever you like, including your home so this gives you a great advantage because you don’t incur the heavy overheads that large dealers do. By paying a monthly membership fee of $500, you can become a member of a dealer organization that will enable you to establish a limited liability company as well as get insurance to protect you from car theft or damage. You also get the permission to use a dealer plate that allows you to drive unlicensed cars on the road legally. Then, of course, you get a pass to participate in auctions that are restricted to only dealers of cars, such as those conducted by http://www.idealautousa.com/.

How Much Should Be Invested in a Car for Selling

According to experts, beginners should limit themselves to an exposure of $1,000-1,500 and aim to make a profit in the range of $500-1,500. Even if you did not manage to choose a car that needed less restoration, you should be able to at least break even. Buying and selling a few times like that will make you more astute and you will also know the typical mistakes to avoid without running a huge financial risk. Make sure that you buy insurance cover for the cars you deal in because otherwise, you will remain open to the risk of losing your entire investment in case of theft or a severe accident.


To be successful as a salvage car dealer, you need to have a very keen eye for spotting deals that can earn you a handsome profit without investing too much. The ability to judge the worth of the car as well as the knowledge of the ruling prices in the market is the key to success.

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