Follow The Safety Tips Of Park Bike Rental

Tips And Rules Of Park Bike Rental

Follow The Safety Tips Of Park Bike Rental

Aug 10, 2018, 4:16:05 PM Life and Styles

Bike rental is the most convenient way to explore the vastness of any national park. However, there are rules and regulations to ride it on the road as well as inside a park. Bikes as such are considered as any other vehicle. Therefore, the riders, as well as the operators of any bike rental agency, should abide by the rules and responsibilities formulated by the national highways transportation. These guidelines are aimed at the safety aspect of the riders and are much similar to the guidelines of motor vehicles. So, when you hire a bike to wander through the park, first know your rights as per the law. 

The significance of wearing safety helmets while riding a bike cannot and should not be overlooked along with proper bicycle appropriate clothing. You must also follow the bike specific traffic rules mentioned in the park’s bike safety guidebook. This will prevent injuries some of which can be fatal as well because there is less or no safety features in the bike itself.

The only way to prevent injuries is to be judicious yourself and follow the safety rules. Abstain from distracted driving and refrain from using phones and ear plugs. Apart from that keep your cool and do not indulge in any heated discussions with strangers especially.

Know The Rental Company

Apart from following the bike safety guidelines and the rules, it is also important that you hire the bike from a reliable and reputable company. Therefore, know about the central park bike rental before you enter into any contract. The best way to do so is to ask relevant questions that will provide enough assurance and raise your level of confidence in the company.

While riding safely is the topmost priority, choosing a reliable company is a close second. You must be seen, safe, prepared and predictable just as the company itself. Therefore, know the FAQs and look for a company that provides with the most satisfactory answers. Though the list is not comprehensive, the most important questions to ask a bike rental company include:

  • Bike safety tips and classes offering crash courses
  • Sign up procedure and rules of the company as well as of the road
  • The condition of the bike apart from the rental price.

Before The Trip Checks

It is important that you care for your safety as well as for the others on the road. Follow the road rules, signs and laws and get first into the mindset of driving it, not just riding a bike. Stay focused and be legally compliant even for short trips.

  • Make yourself predictable with your moves for the other cyclists and pedestrians. Always ride defensively as it will provide you with more time to react to any sudden situation that you did not expect.
  • You must be alert and know what is around you when you ride the bike. Make sure that check behind you when you change lanes on the road. Always use hand signals just like any other motorist.
  • Check the bike for its accessories that should be in good and usable condition. Reliable and reputed central park bike rental companies will maintain their bike professionally to keep it safe to ride. Few will also include tools to deal with a flat.
  • The bike itself must have a front light and a rear reflector, both in proper working condition. Check the helmets provided before the ride for dents and cracks or crumbling or degrading foam.

Also, check the buckles so that it fits properly and not tilting at the back to leave your forehead exposed.

Rules To Follow During The Trip

When you ask questions to the bike rental company make sure you are specific about the rules and restrictions during the ride. You may visit the company well prepared with some prior checks for bike safety and regulations that are outlined in different websites. The usual rules to follow include:

  • Stop at the stop signs
  • Ride at a safe speed
  • Watch out for the conditions
  • Ride on the right side and not on sidewalks as per the law
  • Not wear headphones on both ears while riding.

There are also a few rules about lights and brakes of the bike. The bike must have the following features as required by the state law:

  • There must be front white lights
  • Rear red reflectors and also on the pedal and sides
  • Additional lights such as reflectors and especially rear red flashers.

Remember, few states may issue bike citation for violation of rules and non-compliance and such citations can be of high amount. If you are not fined, you may be asked for attending a bike safety or bike citation diversion class within an eighteen-month window.

Additional Elements Provided

Ask the bike rental company about the additional elements that they may provide you with while hiring a bike from them. Reputable and reliable bike rental companies will not only have a large number of bikes of different sizes and styles in their fleet but will also have a comprehensive package to offer you. This package will include a roadmap of the park, chain lock, helmet, basic tool kit and a basket even at no extra cost.

Though there are no specific tour packages, it is good to follow the map provided and stick to the designated trail for your safety. Inform the company about your movements and plans well in advance.

A Few Additional Tips

To ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable ride on the bike consider riding early in the morning or in the evening. These are the times when the shuttles will run less frequently inside the park. Always keep your eyes open especially on children.

If you visit places where bikes cannot, and have to avail a shuttle, make sure you secure your bike well on the shuttle bike rack.

Lastly, make sure you know about the entrance fee of the park with your bike. A little precaution and knowledge about the rules and safety guideline will keep you at bay from legal obligations.

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