How to Carry Out Vote Électronique Pour Assemblée GénéraleAnnuelle Des Actionnaires More Efficiently

How to Carry Out Vote Électronique Pour Assemblée GénéraleAnnuelle Des Actionnaires More Efficiently

Jan 13, 2018, 9:03:08 PM News

It is the right of shareholders to participate in meetings and cast their votes on various issues in order to make their stand known. Most shareholders usually meet at least once a year. There are usually many issues to be discussed in the meetings, so the more efficiently the meetings are run the better. One of the areas that you can streamline in the meetings is the voting process.

By introducing an electronic voting procedure, you can make the procedure go much faster. You will also make it possible for all the attendees to vote and minimize chances of vote rigging. There are some steps that you can take to make this process go much more seamlessly.

Electronic voting permission

The board members must permit electronic voting. If this is not done, the results might be declared null and void. So, make sure that the board has given you permission to use electronic voting before you introduce it. Do not just spring it as a surprise on the attendees.

It is also important that the participants be informed about this. They should then send a written notice that they are going to accept the results of the electronic votes.

These steps are important so that the decisions made in these meetings are legally acceptable. This is in case someone decides to challenge the decisions made in the meetings as a results of the votes cast. You want to make sure that you have legally protected yourself against any problems.

Members should be present

It is important that the meeting is actually held and that there is a quorum. No matter how efficient electronic voting for Annual General Meeting vote électronique pour assembléegénéraleannuelle des actionnaires is, if there is no quorum, the decisions passed in the meetings won't be valid. The board still has to meet and the voting done in the meetings. Even though there are some decisions that the board can make on its own outside the meeting, the annual general meeting has to be held at least once a year so as to discuss various issues.

You can make it easier for the attendees to make their decisions. This is by carrying out a pro/con analysis of the various decisions to be made. This allows the people to visualize the different scenarios and see what is advantageous for them.

You can do this pro/con analysis just before the voting is done and then let the people decide what they want.

Allocate tasks

Let someone who is proficient in running the tallying tools to be the one in charge. This makes it easier for them to manage the system and to ensure that you get accurate results. It is also important that you use reliable tools so as to get accurate results.

Give time

Give attendees adequate time to cast their votes. Make sure that you have explained to everyone how the electronic voting process works. This is to avoid anyone messing up their votes. So, take time before the voting is done and create awareness on how to use the tools.

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