How to Choose the Right Escape Room for the Best Experience

How to Choose the Right Escape Room for the Best Experience

Jan 14, 2018, 9:07:38 PM Life and Styles

Are you looking for a fun and exciting activity for you and your friends? Are you looking to add thrill to your family time? Or do you intend to team build with co-workers? Escape rooms are a great way for friends, families and co-workers to spend some time together. Escape room games are educational, motivational and the best stress relievers anyone could ever find.

However, given the fact that these games are gaining popularity by the day, there are several escape rooms to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. That said, choosing the best escape room foryou and your company can be a little overwhelming.Not to worry though; here are some factors for you to consider when choosing your next escape room. Read on and treat yourself to the best escape room adventure ever.

  • The theme –Most escape roomsarecategorized into three major themes; the horror theme, the mystery theme and the adventure theme. So, choose an escape room that suits you depending on what excites you. Sometimes, it is also wise to go for what is appropriate. For example, if you are playing with family (kids), it is best that you keep off horror themed escape rooms as this might give them a scary experience rather than a fun one.


  • The players’ age category – For most escape rooms, you must be at least 12 years old to participate, but this of course depends on the escape room requirements. To get the best out of your Enchambered - California's best escape room, you must ensure that you find a room that is appropriate for your age or the age of your team members, especially if you have kids around.


  • The number of players – All escape room games compel players to play as team. However, find out how many members can play as a team. But in as much as that is important, make sure that you donot overcrowd the theme as this may be distractive and confusing. Come up with a reasonable team sizeand be ready to find those clues.


  • The difficulty level – If you have been in an escape room before, then you know that there are three difficulty levels to choose from; the easy rooms, the medium ones and the hard escape rooms. So, choose your room depending on the intensity you need and also depending on your familiarity with the tricks to the games.


  • The location – The final factor to consider would be the location of the escape room. Is it located in a convenient location? Is it close to the parking lot? Is it safe for you to bring your kids? These are important questions to askwhen it comes to the location of the escape room, so ask as many questions as possible before making any reservations.

There you have it; everything that you need to know when choosing an escape room. So, good luck in your adventure!

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