Monomousumi's Initiatives for Empowering Writers

Monomousumi's Initiatives for Empowering Writers

Oct 27, 2021, 1:11:02 PM Creative

Kolkata-Mumbai-based startup Monomousumi Services is empowering aspiring writers with various opportunities, support, and perks to publish their literacy work digitally and in print media with a technology-driven platform.


The pandemic changed the way we looked at the education sector and witnessed a huge shift. While most of the parents were busy selecting the best substitute for the classroom teaching, holistic learning well blended with extracurriculars has gotten a little attention. Activities like music, dance, chess, and yoga etc. got some attention from the unorganized sectors, mostly by the teachers or instructors who lost their job due to the pandemic, however, creative writing never gained its due attention. Creative writing skills, categorically, have much more to cater to the school and college goers for improving their knowledge of a specific topic as well as for sharpening their creative quotient. Pouring your heart in the form of words is a good idea to get relaxation in this tough time and also provides for a great extracurricular activity.A question that constantly resurfaces is whether extracurricular activities are even required?

Replying to this, Mousumi Kundu, Founder, Monomousumi Services & Chief Editor, Weaver Magazine, says – “But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Extracurricular activities are extremely important for the overall growth, it makes us think creatively. Although schools/colleges give desired importance to extracurricular activities along with the main courses, but Organic Extracurricular Activities such as participating in inter-school, national and international level writing contests eventually help build greater confidence amongst the youngsters.” 


An emerging market- albeit with societal benefits

According to the venture capitalists and investors, startups that offer extracurricular activities will be a key part of the education sector in 2021, backed by the emerging post-Covid scenario. Not just the academic courses but students across India are learning unique extracurricular activities at home. This sector is projected to reach $5.8 billion in India in 2021 and set to rise in the coming years, reveals a study by IIM-Kozhikode students.

Rallying on these forecasts, the creative writing and associated publication industry is also looking forward to keeping the gloomy scenario as the past. Creative Writing Competition, Essay contest, public speaking contests, Star Presenter Award, Reel Making Contest, etc. are examples of organic extracurricular activities, wherein youngsters can participate and showcase and spill their mental arrays. A charily chosen educational topic in the international level writing contests organized by Monomousumi pushes the participants to explore their creativity, research, and organization dexterity, and to develop the skills of penning down their thoughts.

The perk of the aspiring writers to get noticed

One of the biggest perks of participating in the Monomousmi’s writing contests is the opportunity to publish their book free of cost, which is a real morale booster for the youngsters, who have only a limited knowledge about the intricacies of book publishing. Winners from around the globe have got a chance to display their books on the e-shelves of leading platforms. A report highlights that India is the second largest English-language print book publisher in the world with more than 9000 publishers. More than 70% of the publishers in India have digitized their content to produce ebook versions - smartphones and e-readers offer consumers opportunities to access digital content, and Monomousumi Services tries to bring these benefits for its participants at no upfront cost, which is the USP. Why not take the vacations and free time as an opportunity to give wings to your imagination─ those thoughts that in the busy schedule of life never saw the light of the day.

Esteemed Literacy Journey of Monomousumi

When Mousumi Kundu started this endeavor after leaving the software industry at the peak of her career, she had a vision of doing something extraordinary for those unnoticed writers who deserve an equal level of applause as an established one gets. The expedition has now reached a milestone of three years, Monomousumi Services has endeavored all through to provide a platform to enthusiasts wanting to showcase their talent, and improve their skills. Many writings remain restricted to the pages of the diaries, but provided with a chance to showcase them to the world, the unrecognized writers can make magic happen. Monomousumi Services has been gladly providing that platform to unfurl magic for the past 3 years. The most popular and longest-running competition has been the International Essay Writing Competition that found the support of so many people worldwide. The competition being free of charge, gave the incentive to people to showcase their writing skills and the platform was determined to provide an opportunity to people around the globe. The tagline of the platform itself broadcasts its motive “Where the mind dominates” and talent cannot be restricted by borders. The voyage that commenced 3 years back has garnered the support of various writers, sponsors, and like-minded people who have made this walk a success, and the team continues to expand . The shy writer that lurks in the corner of nearly everyone’s heart gets a chance to soar high through this platform. The Weavers Magazine, another constructive venture germinated from Monomousumi Services is an International Magazine that provides budding writers with the opportunity to work as junior editors and content creators for the magazine. It works not only to enhance their skills but also helps them to learn something new and the pride of getting published has a different sense of euphoria for the writers.

Monomousumi Services is primarily for authors, artists, storytellers, and professionals who want to build their portfolio, gain visibility, and gain expertise. It provides internships and invites aspiring writers to gain experience, certification, and develop their skills. There is something for everyone, with competitions ranging from 'Essay contests,' 'Creative writing contests,' 'Star presenter Award,' and the 'Most Popular Article,' all with zero charges and the chance to win cash prizes. Monomousumi's programmes are the best because they are open, borderless, ageless, and gender neutral—Unlimited, Unfiltered, and Unconditional. Since they are running several competitions at the same time, anybody can publish their content at any time.

Monomousumi Services plays a dual role- For aspiring writers, it not only provides a platform but also becomes a mirror for them to assess their skills. Creative writing has many different layers to it and a writer is first and foremost a good reader. Monomousumi provides these writers with a platform where they can read, analyze and improve upon their skills. Writing is all about passion, and Monomousumi services has a passionate team of members from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, spread all across the globe who help keep this passion alive. Aspiring writers not only get a chance to showcase their talent but also get a chance to carefully improve upon their capabilities. Such platforms set a benchmark in the world of creativity and writing, wherein an amateur writer is exposed to the world of writings and brilliance. The journey from a novice writer to an expert one can be traveled with the help of Monomousumi’s platform, thanks to its internship and student editorial opportunities- it can become your best friend once you allow yourself to explore and learn.

Words have the power to change the world. As a result, Monomousumi services stands alone as a free publishing house for aspiring writer creators. It is here where amateurs will be molded into Legends.


“Creativity doesn’t wait for the perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”

-Bruce Garrabrandt

Published by Harris Scott

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