Tips to Plan Your Dream Eurotrip

Tips to Plan Your Dream Eurotrip

Dec 5, 2017, 9:32:50 PM News

So, you've bought a ticket for you're a trip to Europe? From west to east, Europe is a mixture of customs, architecture, heritage, languages, and cultures all across the continent. The dissolution of border checks within the EU have made the travel in European countries more convenient, more affordable and much easier. We have some tips for you today, but keep in mind that we all have different tastes and dreams, different budget and time restrictions.

You will see that planning a trip to Europe goes beyond booking a flight. There are a lot of important things to consider. The culture, language, climate, and the cost of living which will all affect your preparation.

Anyway, here are some tips to successfully fulfill your European dream:


Your budget will dictate what places you can visit, where you will be staying, how long you will stay, etc. How much is your budget?


The summer months (June-August) are considered peak season in most parts of Europe. Because of the sunshiny days, it is the most touristy time of the year. But it is also a time of the year when prices go up. If you don't have much money, you can go in September-November. If you want to see the Northern Lights in the Nordic countries, book a flight between mid-September to mid-March. Or if you want to experience Oktoberfest, go to Munich in mid-September.


Are there any places that you always dreamed of visiting? Is Prague, Florence or Paris something you can't miss? Write all places down - they are your non-negotiables and are the reasons you are traveling to Europe in the first place.


Cost of accommodations varies from one city to another. Plus, you don't have to stay in a full-service hotel. There are many hostels dorms or AirBnB options that are much cheaper. Are you traveling alone or with your friends? This will affect your expenses significantly. If you are traveling alone and want to meet new people, consider booking dorm beds. If you are a pair, you can book a private room, or two dorm beds depends on the situation.


Once your visa is approved, book your flight and hotels. Traveling by air within Europe is cheaper than you think, so you might also need to book additional flights. Consider buses and trains too. Book some tours and attractions. You don't have to book everything - only those that require advance booking like food tours, Vatican tickets and Eiffel Tower. For the others, you will most likely find cheaper tours when you get to that destination.

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