Why Is Instagram the Most Promising Star for Promoting Business on Social Media?

Why Is Instagram the Most Promising Star for Promoting Business on Social Media?

Nov 20, 2017, 11:00:48 PM Business

Instagram’s consistent endeavors at making the app categorically more user-friendly and its positive inclination toward fulfilling the requirements of businesses have made it increasingly popular and it is today, in a position to serve the clients much better. To be precise, Instagram has actually incorporated the best features of all other social networking sites into its app.

The Best of Facebook

Every business today, is convinced about the power and efficiency of Instagram and the latest changes have further cemented and fortified their faith in this social media platform. Instagram has drawn inspiration from Facebook and so it allows precisely for business accounts along with complete information on the account holders.

You are now equipped with the knowledge and relevant information like which posts actually got the maximum shares, comments, or likes, or precisely which time is the best time for posting, or the accurate demographics of Instagram followers and the amount of time they devote to Instagram each day. The accurate data is used in creating and scheduling posts in the cleverest possible manner to make the most of the platform.

If you are already on Instagram, you could easily transform your personal account into a business one.  You could simply have a useful contact button and the followers for Instagram could access your email address, phone no, direction to your business etc. One of the greatest opportunities that you simply cannot afford to miss is the advertising for your business. Advertising would be offering easy access to a brand new audience. Facts demonstrate that on average, Instagram ads are able to gain 4 times more likes as compared to the Facebook.

The Hashtag Magic

This is nothing new but it is really worth discussing, right from the start, Instagram boasted of the best feature of Twitter. The follower structure would be making it really convenient to connect and expand while hashtags would be making things easy for others to locate you. Suppose you post a picture and link it to a blog post using 11 or more hashtags on the Instagram. You would certainly end up getting more likes from individuals who are not following you as compared to those who are already following you.

Increasing Video

There was a fair amount of outrage about the limit for videos on Instagram being a mere 15 seconds, and this seems to have been picked up by Instagram, who have extended this to one minute now, borrowing a little from YouTube's power. Video content can also be shared from the phone's gallery, which is a boost in flexibility. You could also download your Facebook live video after you are done, find the 60-second highlight you need and post it to Instagram with all relevant hashtags. Just like TV commercials were essential in the past, a video is now the way to go for online marketing!


It’s hard for brand marketers to keep track of the latest trend on social media. On setting up a business account, you must consider leveraging the best features on social platforms like Instagram that suit the services and products that you offer. Video posts and Instagram stories can be used to boost audience engagement and work wonders in establishing the face of your brand online as one that is attuned to technology and always up for communication.

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