Fat Transfer to Buttocks: What You Should Know Before You Schedule

Fat Transfer to Buttocks: What You Should Know Before You Schedule

Jan 29, 2022, 8:55:10 AM Business

Using fat transfer to add volume to your buttocks can be an effective way to enhance the shape of your rear end, but it’s important to understand all of the factors that are involved in fat transfer before you schedule your appointment. For instance, what will the surgery cost? How long will it take you to recover? Here’s what you need to know about fat transfer before you schedule your appointment.

General Cost of Fat Transfer to Buttocks

If you’re getting fat transferred to your buttocks and are asking yourself, What is it? and How much does it cost?, rest assured that you’re not alone. Fat transfer to buttocks cost (sometimes called a Brazilian butt lift) is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that can yield dramatic results. But before you sign on for one, it’s important to know all about it—what it involves and how much recovery time you should expect. This can be especially tricky because fat transfer surgery prices vary widely depending on things like geographic location, surgeon experience level, and whether or not you are adding implants at the same time.

Procedure and Recovery Time

Want a full, round bottom but don’t want to go under the knife? Fat transfer procedures have come a long way. These days, doctors can harvest fat from one part of your body (usually your abdomen or thighs) and inject it into another part of your body (your buttocks). Fat transfer is generally safe when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with access to top technology and a proven surgical plan. The recovery time after fat injection varies depending on how much fat is transferred and whether additional procedures are done at the same time. Read on for more information about fat transfer procedures in general, as well as information about recovery times associated with specific injections.

How Much Fat is Needed?

A lot of people think that fat transfer is a cheap, easy way to get big booty. But it’s not. Getting your money’s worth from fat transfer requires patience, commitment and knowing how much fat you need before you even schedule your procedure. Because each donor site leaves a scar, if you harvest too much fat for your buttocks, then there will be no more donor sites available on other parts of your body — and you won’t be able to receive additional fat transfers in future procedures.

Male vs. Female Fat Harvesting

Who Gets More Fat After Liposuction? : It turns out that men get more fat than women after liposuction. At least, most of us would think so. After all, fat cells are bigger in women, right? That's what makes them more prone to stretch marks and cellulite. And they carry more fat than men on average, so it stands to reason that surgeons would harvest more adipose tissue from women in general... right? It turns out that a lot of conventional wisdom surrounding body fat isn't true. We asked plastic surgeon Joshua Zimm to explain how male vs. female fat harvesting really works after liposuction—and what you can do about it if you're worried about whether your doctor will take enough fat or not...

Are There Any Side Effects?

While fat transfer is performed on many patients each year, there are still risks that you should be aware of before undergoing treatment. While these risks are generally low and easy to manage, it’s important that you go into your consultation with as much information as possible. During your consultation, your surgeon will go over everything from pre-op preparations and recovery time to potential side effects. The most common side effects associated with fat transfer include bleeding, swelling and bruises at the injection site; however, some patients have reported additional complications. For example, if too much fat is injected into a certain area or multiple areas at once—which can happen during a single session—the results may not look natural or may even result in deformities like rippling or lumps under skin folds.

Other Factors That Affect Cost and Recovery Time

There are a number of factors that can affect how much Fat transfer to buttocks recovery will cost and how long it takes for your body to recover. For example, fat transfer isn’t as easy for older patients as it is for younger patients. Over time, our body tends to lose its ability hold onto fat cells, which means it's harder for us to gain new fat and easier for us to lose excess weight. If you are over 30 years old, you may want a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction with extensive experience performing buttocks augmentation by fat transfer.

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

It is crucial that you find out how much your procedure will cost in advance. Your board-certified plastic surgeon should provide you with a detailed estimate of his or her fees and expenses (which includes anesthesia, operating room facilities, supplies, etc.). It’s also important that you receive at least three estimates from other board-certified plastic surgeons in your area who offer similar procedures. Cost can vary greatly between surgeons and geographic regions, so be sure to factor both of these into your decision. Furthermore, make sure you know what type of payment options are available.

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