Best Ways To Decorate Pooja Thali That Would Help You Stand Out

Best Ways To Decorate Pooja Thali That Would Help You Stand Out

Sep 7, 2022, 7:27:30 AM Life and Styles

Karwa Chauth is one of the most amazing celebrations in India. This significant day denotes a woman's pure love for her better half. After long fasting, she understands her great commitment to her husband. A day committed only to married couples is a significant celebration that lasts constantly. On this day, wedded ladies fast for their husband's long life and well-being. Husbands additionally purchase Karwa Chauth gifts for wives to make them happy. The day isn't about fasting. The enrichment of Karwa Chauth Thali plays a significant role in the celebration and includes various charming decorations.

There are numerous creative ideas for decorating your pooja thali for this promising day. Sit back and relax if you're searching for a way to brighten your pooja thali. The following are the top ways you can make it happen.

Mirror Work on Plain Velvet Pooja Thali

The simplicity and excellence of this is a must-try. Here, you want a plain velvet material, reflections of various shapes and sizes, glue, and plain steel thali.

Thali Decorations With Laces Or Gota

Pick a simple steel thali or plate from your kitchen cupboard. Spread out lovely horde-hued papers and stick them on the thali. Now decorate your pooja thali with bright laces and gleaming small mirrors at the edge of your thali. Your special beautified pooja thali is now ready for use on the special day. You can browse a wide assortment of Karwa Chauth thali set available on various online gift portals.


However, the clearest, most lovely idea is to paint the thali in gorgeous and brilliant colors and designs. All you want is acrylic paint and a few brushes. To design this thali, you should initially decide on the pattern or design you need to draw on the thali. When this thought is clear, you can revise the paint tones. Since the celebration is Karwa Chauth, you can pick red as the main color.

Notwithstanding red, use white, blue, yellow, and blue in various designs. You can also pick a light tone to paint the whole thali. Then draw a bird like a peacock or a good sign like Swastika or Kalash with a coconut.

Thali Decoration With Oil

Take a simple thali. Use a tiny earbud dunked in oil to make a good design for your Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali. Drop powdered sindoor, roli, Haldi, or any rangoli variety on the design and shake sideways to appropriate the color equitably. Flip around the thali and remove the extra color. The design will be decorated on the Pooja Thali. Use fabric to make the design more exact by tracking along the gray lines.

Customized Karwa Chauth Thali

Take the steel thali and paint it red, as red is the main shade of Karwa Chauth. Now take a few flowers and beautify the edges of the thali. Take a printout from the best couple picture you have. The couple's pictures should be in a heart shape. Now stick this image right at the center of the thali. You can add another heart-shaped couple picture on the Kalash as well. But, if you don't have much time to set up this thali, you can order it online.

Flowers Petals Pooja Thali

To use flower petals, try to go for 4 distinct varieties: yellow, red, pink, and orange. Then take designer mirrors, a pencil, ruler, stick, and a plain steel thali. The beauty of this lies with the petals and nature's magnificence.

The Plush Pink Themed Thali

No other variety than pink itself can add that measure of delicacy and innocence to an item. Use a few soft pink fabrics to enhance the appeal of the thali. Consider minimal brilliant fabrication to decoration and some string-like fabrics to leave them freely hanging. The beauty will lie in the beautiful shade of salmon pink.

Beads and Mirror Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali

As the name recommends, you want acrylic paint, splash paint, bright beads, sticks, mirrors, a pencil, and a plain steel thali. The beautiful beads can take your thali to a higher level. In this way, let your creative mind do the work.

These are only a couple of ideas to decorate your Karwa Chauth thali. You can use your considerations too to give this happy plate an appealing look that symbolizes the festival's essence.

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