How Often to Add Wood Chips to an Electric Smoker?

How Often to Add Wood Chips to an Electric Smoker?

Oct 7, 2020, 2:10:34 PM Life and Styles

Some cooks do not have a clear idea concerning how often to add wood chips right there in an electric smoker, here you can check out easy tips about this important job.

It is an art to learn regarding how to properly use these wood chips.

Furthermore, you can only make a delicious smoked food if you have to add balanced wood chips in it.

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Tips On Adding Wood Chips in Electric Smokers:

First of all, you need to verify and check that there should be no hindrance to the ventilation side of your electric smoker.

Moreover, your smoker has to be leak-proof and ideally ventilated. Look for the smoker that does not show any wear and tear.

After that, you can load around and about 1 cup of wood into your wood chip tray.

Or if your electric smoker has got a loader, then simply take out the loader, fill it up with wood chips and then reload it again into your smoker.

Make sure to add your wood chips neatly into that tray. Position them right above the electric smoker unit heating element.

Allow your wood chips to produce and generate a cloud of smoke and avoid adding food until and unless enough smoke and heat is produced.

Preheat your smoker by adding this 1 cup of wood chips and heat them for around and about 20 to 30 minutes duration.

This pre-heating stage is very important if you have previously placed and kept your electric smoker in some cold and uninsulated garage.

If strong winds are blowing, then your wood chips may take a longer time to produce enough and maximum heat.

Once the desired temperature reading is attained and you notice that your wood chips have produced enough heat, now you can add your meat into the smoker.

More Tips to Make the Best Use of Wood Chips:

Do grease your cooking racks before you add meat on them.

Most importantly, 1 cup of wood chips is only going to last for 5 hours.

It means once this time limit is finished, then you have to add and throw another cup of wood chips.

Besides, it is recommended to keep on adding a handful of cups of wood chips right after every 4 hours duration.

Until and unless your cooking job is not completed, you have to follow this process and requirement of adding wood chips.

Some people like to use these wood chunks right there in an electric smoker, if you are planning to do so as well then that is not a good idea.

Wood chunks or wood pellets do not produce the right kind of aroma and flavor for your dish.

Your meat fails to absorb that smoky aroma if you use wood chunks or pellets.

So, if the right temperature setting is a critical element while smoking a lump of meat, the same way, you have to use the right wood chip type as well.

Beyond, wrong and unsuitable wood chips create too much sharpness and smoke and thus gives an unpleasant taste to your meat.

Such kinds of wood chips are unhealthy to consume.

There is this tip for you, it is that you should not use those wood chunks or wood chips that are already accompanied by the bark.

Though bark generates the best kind of fuel whenever you are camp-firing but this same stuff is not suitable and appropriate for smoking meat.


So, what’s the bottom line?

These are the basic tips that may have conveyed to you clearly regarding how often and frequently add wood chips while you smoke a slice of meat in an electric smoker.

If you are a pro in this cooking technique, then you can share your thoughts with us as well.

The more balanced you will remain in a meat smoking job, the more balanced flavors and taste will come and be seen in your dish.

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