Big Little Lies [Book Review]

Big Little Lies [Book Review]

Aug 5, 2016, 7:43:05 PM Life and Styles

In short, I loved this book. It was gripping from the very beginning and I took every opportunity I found to read a few chapters.  I finished it in a matter of days and thoroughly enjoyed it. I read most of it over a weekend with endless cups of coffee and a few snack breaks! I guess you would put it in the mystery/drama genre. It was a light and easy read but dealt with a few more serious issues.


The three main characters are female and are all well developed, compelling lead figures. You have Madeline, the quirky, vibrant and often overly-energetic figurehead who plays a role with strong motherly instincts. Celeste, Madeline’s best friend is the quiet, brooding beauty.  You know there is more to Celeste than meets the eye but initially you are kept in the dark. And finally, Jane, the quiet, somewhat damaged, young solo Mum who Madeline immediately takes under her wing. The characters are well developed and you feel empathy and compassion for each of them at different times.

The chapters are written from the different characters points of view. I love when books are formatted this way. It keeps the book fast-paced, entertaining and refreshed. Also continuing to hold your interest are the foreshadowing ‘clips’ at the end of each chapter, statements to the police about the crime that occurs (as the reader you are kept in the dark of the details). These snippets get you hooked and assists in the unraveling of the story. They also do a good job of highlighting the fact that there is always two (or three, or four) sides to any story. Moriarty cleverly drip feeds you information throughout the book, enough to get you really interested but never enough to reveal the victim or killer.

I felt that the book was relevant and modern. It was based in Australia, a country that I am familiar with. It makes a nice change from constantly reading books based in the US or UK. It also brings up topics such as Facebook Instagram and online safety, such a prevalent part of society today.

Moriarty deals with some quite complicated issues such as domestic violence, rape even slavery. She does so in a way that is tasteful and also creates awareness.

I was actually somewhat surprised when the victim and crime was fully revealed, it didn't happen quite as I expected. There are a few decent twists and enough to keep you reading. I found this book hard to put down and would highly recommend!

Published by Hayley Dawn

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