Tech Writing for Beginners: An A-Z Tutorial on Tech Blogging Basics

Tech Writing for Beginners: An A-Z Tutorial on Tech Blogging Basics

Dec 22, 2021, 1:31:15 PM Opinion

If you enjoy writing and technology, then technical writing could be a good job for you. There's another thing you can pursue if technology but don't want to be working with code all day.

Technical Writing Course may be a good fit if you are a teacher who loves to teach others and being a part of open source projects, and teaching others to do the same also, or simply love making complex concepts understandable in easy ways using your writing.

Let's explore the basics and discover the things you need to be aware of and take into consideration when you are beginning to learn about technical writing.

What's the definition of Technical Writing?

Writing for technical purposes is the process of providing precise instruction to aid users in understanding an individual skill or product.

Technical writers are one who writes these instructions also known as instructional or technical documents. These could be user guides online support articles or internal documents for API coders or developers.

Technical writers communicate in a manner that conveys details that are technical so that the reader is able to use the information for a specific goal.

The benefits of technical writing

Tech writers are constantly learning. Since their work involves communicating complex concepts in easy to understand words, you should be knowledgeable about the field that you write about. You should also be prepared to study it.

This is fantastic, as every new technical document you read and write, you'll become an expert on the area.

Technical writing can also give you more user empathy. It makes you pay more focus on how the readers or customers of a product are feeling rather than just what you believe.

You could also earn cash as a journalist by writing for organizations. There are several organizations which will pay you to create content for their websites, such as Smashing Magazine, AuthO, Twilio along with Stack Overflow.

Additionally to this it is possible to participate in Open Source communities and participate in paid open source projects such as Google Season of Docs and Outreachy.

It is also possible to take on the technical aspect of writing as a full-time career - a lot of businesses require people with those skills.

Essential Skills for Technical Writer

Learn to use proper English

Before you begin writing, you need to know the fundamentals of English and its tenses, spellings , and the basics of grammar. Your readers will not want to read a piece that is a mess of grammar mistakes and uninformed word choices.


Avoid Excessive Jargon

In the event that you're an industry expert, it could be easy to employ terminology you're comfortable with and not realize that it might be confusing for other readers.

Avoid using terms you've never explained.

Here's an example:

It's not as than crystal clear: PWAs are actually being considered to be an option for the next generation of development on multiplatform platforms. They are available on both Android and iOS make them the apps of the future.

New: Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)are truly the future of multi-platform development. Their compatibility on Android and iOS is what makes PWAs the application of the future.

Use Plain Language

Make use of fewer words, and write in a way that readers can easily comprehend the message. Avoid long, adverbial words. Make sure to communicate concepts and concepts in the most concise manner possible.

Visual Formatting

A large text block is hard to comprehend. Even the most clear instructions could get lost within a text with an inadequate representation of the visual.

The saying goes that a picture is worth 1,000 words. This is the case for technical writers.

However, not every image is suitable for a technical document. Information that is technical can be hard to convey via text. An image or diagram that is well-placed can help you understand your point.

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