The Evolution of GST Certification Course

The Evolution of GST Certification Course

Jul 1, 2021, 5:15:12 AM Business

India has seen an explosion in the number of bloggers. The internet and technology are booming in India. These growth and expansion have brought certain restrictions to the government. With GST becoming a reality, it is imperative that bloggers register under the tax.

In this article we will talk about all GST registrations that bloggers can make.

Bloggers need to register for GST

Certain conditions make registration compulsory for bloggers. Below are the circumstances under which bloggers have to register for GST-

  • Crossing the thresholdBloggers face the same challenges as everyone else when it is time to report their turnover over a fiscal year. GST registration is mandatory for bloggers with turnovers exceeding 20 lakhs.
  • Interstate supplyYou may need to offer your services outside of your state as a blogger. This includes the provision of content from another state. It's necessary to register under GST regardless if you earn more. So even if you earn Rs.1000 through interstate supplies, you still need to register under GST.Register for GSTIt is mandatory.
  • Income from IndiaMany bloggers get their adSense income from India. Google US directly. GST registration becomes mandatory.

How bloggers can register to GST

Bloggers are able to register under the GST certification course like any other. You can register the same way as any other service provider. To receive your TRN number, you will need the following information: These details must be filled out after you receive your TRN Number.

#1. Details about your business- Fill in the business details. The following three reasons would justify registration:

  • Overpassing the threshold (above twenty lakhs)
  • Interstate supply (between 1 and 2 states).
  • Voluntary

#2. #2.Personal information like name, address, DOB and DOB must all be provided. It is also necessary to attach a photograph of the applicant. As incorrect information can lead to rejection, it is essential that the details are correct.

#3 #3.Bloggers will not be using other service providers to provide their business address. Instead, they will use their home address. Bloggers often work from their own homes, and have no fixed office space.

#4 Bank account detailsBloggers are required to give their account details, just like they are owners.

GST Registration: The Consequences

Because almost all bloggers supply interstate, they must register under the tax. Failure to do this could result in severe legal consequences.

Register below if you are required.GST by lawIf you fail to take registration, you may face legal penalties.

If you're not registered, and you don't comply with the required compliances such asReturnsYou'll also be subject to consequences.

  • A penalty of Rs.20,000 is imposed for failure to register under GST
  • To not file returns- Rs. 200 per calendar day.

Can a blogger join a composition program?

Composition scheme refers to the government's benefit for small businesses that have a turnover less than Rs.75 Lakhs per financial year.

They have certain benefits like fewer compliances or less tax to pay.

Bloggers do interstate supplies and therefore cannot register under the scheme of composition. This applies not only to bloggers but to everyone who does interstate supply.

Aside from restaurant, the composition scheme doesn't apply to any other service industry.

GST rate for bloggers

Bloggers would also be subject to 18% tax under GST, like most other service providers.


All information concerning GST registration for bloggers

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