A Speech To My Old School

A Speech To My Old School

Oct 7, 2016, 1:39:37 AM Life and Styles

Hello w0rld,

Before I start my "speech" I would like to say before you think I have gone insane that  really would like to go back to my old Primary/Junior school and give he school a speech, mainly to the students. I will never ever do this as there would be about 374 (360 students +teachers) eyes staring back at me and no, just no. The thought of it is making me nervous. So instead I am going to do in the safety of the little home I made myself on the internet.

Good morning!

*This is when they would all say together good morning back just because that's how it works*

I use to be a student here, believe it or not and it's really weird to come back and see how much things have changed. When I came to this school I remember everything being a lot bigger and even when I got to year six I use to think things were fairly big but now I have been away for so long and come back everything, I mean I feel like a giant and that doesn't happen a lot especially as I'm only 5ft 2inch.

When I came to this school, I was extremely quite, I would never put my hand up for anything even if I needed help, I would avoid conversation with people, I would hate getting up in assembly so much that every year I would make sure that I wouldn't get 100% attendance so I didn't have to get up in assembly. I still did this through my time in secondary school too.

I was always the one that tried to stay out of any situation that would make me look silly in any way. But i really didn't need any help to make myself look silly I could accomplish that on my own. The embarrassing moment, I'm going to go to the extreme and say my life so far. And it happened at the end of one of these assemblies. You know at the end of assemblies sometimes your feet go a bit dead and you get pins and needles in your feet, well by the end of this assembly I had no feeling in my feet what-so-ever. So as you can imagine I couldn't stand or walk with out falling over. Because I wasn't the brightest spark and I thought I could stand up, which I couldn't, and as a result of this I wobbled all over the place then fell over and crawled out of assembly. What was even better about this was that I was on the front row and we were the first class to leave so the whole school was laughing at me.

When I got out of assembly and back to my class room, we were doing a spelling test when we got back, I was so embarrassed that I was shaking and couldn't stop shaking. So when you think you have made a bit of a fool of yourself just think of that story and I'm sure you'll  be fine. The only thing that helped that situation a bit for me was the fact that I laughed. This sounds stupid but when you "mess up" or do something embarrassing the best thing you can do it to laugh because if you make a joke out of it, then they are laughing with you not at you and, trust me, it makes the whole situation better.

One thing that I regret a lot that I didn't participate in things. I was so worried what people thought of me that I forgot to have fun and I will for ever regret that because so of these years will honestly be the years you look back on and you'll have those "remember when..." moments. My remember when moments list is quiet small, even though the memories are amazing and always make me chuckle, most of the memories are the same thing and I wish I did more. Even if when you look back and shake your head in disappointment about something for example: a bad hair cut. You won't make that same mistake again.

The message of this assembly is that you are only given a certain amount of hours in a day and a certain amount of time to do things instead of think, "No, i'm not going to do that I will look like a fool" change it to "At least I had fun" Or "Yeah, I won't do that again". I wish I treasured the years I had in this school more because trust me it might feel like you are going to be there for ever, but trust me when I saw time will go quickly and that's something that I forgot and hope you, now, never will.

Thank you

So w0rld...

What would you say to your old primary school if you had the chance to go back and say a speech to them? Leave all your thoughts down below 

I hope you have had a wonderful day and continue to have a wonderful evening. Thank you for reading!

-Taking on the w0rld X

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Oct 8, 2016, 9:15:02 PM

Thank you so much! I can't wait to post more on here :-)

Oct 7, 2016, 2:49:50 AM

I really enjoyed reading this! I can relate to your post in sooo many ways. I was also very quiet and shy, which I wish I could go back and change. Look forward to your future writings :)

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