Introducing: ME!

Introducing: ME!

Hello w0rld,

Your probable wondering who I am and where I came from as I am a recent addition to the 'family' (I'm new do you call yourself a family?) and I am just settling in. Although I have already posted something I am aware you don't really know much about me soooooo here are a few, OK a lot of, things you need to know.

-I LOVE autumn/fall

-Im not a fan summer (especially British summer)

-I'm obsessed with Disney (who isn't?)

-I'm very shy

-I don't like making eye contact

-My favourite film (not Disney) is The Mask

-I don't like going to the cinema

-I love to learn things (especially about the past)

-I love history

-I hate the smell of most flowers and freshly cut grass

- I'm very indecisive

-I go through phases

- I'm awkward and embarrassing to be around

- I love knit hats (more so if it has a pom-pom on it)

- I'm very sarcastic

- I don't like Chicken or turkey (please don't hate me)

- My favourite food is pizza or sushi

-I have green eyes and brown hair

- I love the smell of bonfires

- One of my favourite Disney films is Mary Poppins

- Favourite actress is Julie Andrews

- I love rock music

- I don't like confrontation

- I hate it when people shot

- My favourite people to listen to are:

                   - Panic! At The Disco

                   - Fall Out Boy

                   - Bruce Springsteen

                   - The 1975

                   - Imagine Dragons

                   - Weezer

                   - The Wombats

- I have a whole playlist on Spotify called 'before my time' which has over 100 songs it that were released before 2000 

- I love independent music and book shops

- I can't wait till Christmas

- I love anything Halloween

- My favourite film genres are Horror and Comedy

- I am learning to play Guitar and Ukulele

So w0rld...

What are your likes and dislikes? What season/holiday is your favourite?

I hope you have had a lovely day and enjoying the rest of your evening. Thank you for reading

-Taking on the w0rld X

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