The High-School Food Chain

The High-School Food Chain

Nov 2, 2016, 9:15:40 PM Life and Styles

Hello w0rld,

We have all been there whether your experience was good or bad you went and if you haven't been yet then, by god, you have something to forward too! Honestly, I am focusing on the worst part of high school so if you are younger there are good parts and when you find your friends everything is x100 better!

In high school there is something I like to call a "Food Chain". If you are a bit confused to what I am talking bout then it's also known as popularity chain. I hoping now you know what I'm on about. Every school has one no matter what age you are but when you get to secondary school it's just a hell of a lot worse and can get nasty sometimes.

SIDE NOTE: I am not saying this in a bad way I am sure they are all lovely people to be around when you get to know them and I know that mainly this is just a front that people put on so that nobody knows the real things that are going on. I hope you don't think I am being rude and inconsiderate to any of these people and there feelings as I am sure they are all lovely people and it's all just and act to survive school.

Lets start at the top: The King And Queen-Bees

Every school has the people who you don't double cross I can think of 3-4 people in my school who are this and I just avoid them at all costs. Their purpose in life is, to everyone who isn't them, feel uncomfortable and worth less. If you wrong them when in a verbal fight they will interrupt you, repeat them same phrase over and over and they will use there hands quite a lot to make themselves look more intimidating then they actually are.

Next in line to the throne: There Friends (The Wanna Bees)

These are the people who tag around with the popular people and have no personality because of it! The are simply known as the best friend. These people seek approval from there highers all the time and are exact shadows of what they say and do!

The Middle ground: You know about them

These are the people who have connections to the top of the food chain but don't hang out with them enough to be classed as in there friend group. These are normally the people who you hear a lot about and normally are the good people in class who get the good grades and participate a lot. They are by no means nerds but are mostly very intelligent.

Just below: The people who are "dumb"

These people are the ones that annoy me the most especially when you know that they aren't dumb and there just putting it on to act all innocent and to get attention. I know people who are CRAZY smart but they try to act dumb because "smart isn't attractive" for some reason. I don't want to be sexist but usually it is girls who do this because being clever isn't ttractive and for somebody to like you, you hsave to dumb yourself down.

Danger zone: The people who get picked on

I think I use to be in this soon and because of the cross over of the year, because of GCSE's I am slowly creeping back into this group. Yay! These  people are different but in a good way whether it's because of how they wear there school uniform, how they do there hair and make up or may be the way they act but people pick them apart because there is so many things too pick apart. This is the group that nobody wants to be in and some people don't even know that they are in this group because everything is done behind there back.

Lowest of the low: The Nobodies (Under the radar)

I am in this group! We are the people who's names you don't know and sometimes you don't even bother learning. We get lines/questions such as "Are you knew?" and "I have never seen you hear before" on a regular basis. I have got to admit I love being in this group as you don't have anyone "watching" your every move or judging you on your appearance because people just don't really care.

Like I said at the time I am sure everyone is a lovely person when you get to know them and that is just at the surface of them.

So w0rld...

What category/categories do you fall in too? Have I missed a category off? Leave all your thoughts in the comments

I hope you have had a beautiful day and enjoy the rest of your evening. Thank you for reading!

-Takingnthew0rld X

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