How to eat with Adrenal Fatigue

How to eat with Adrenal Fatigue

How you eat actually effects your adrenal glands just as much as what you eat. Eating should be something we enjoy, not a chore or something we have to stress over! Below are some key points that are useful for everyone, not just those with adrenal fatigue, on how to eat properly!

  • Choose a peaceful environment: An environment with pleasant surroundings that provokes calming thoughts. If this is impossible (say you are at work), plug in your headphones and play some calming music. Eating with friends is actually a really good idea and congenial conversation and company promotes relaxation and digestion.
  • Eat your food sitting down: Not standing up, not rushing from one place to another, not driving, but simply sitting in one place peacefully.
  • Calm yourself before you take your first bite: This can be done by simply taking a few deep breaths which signals to the body that you are relaxed (assisting in digestion).
  • Chew your food well (enhances digestion)
  • Avoid rushed or hectic meals: This is exactly the opposite of what your body needs. The ritual of sitting peacefully, and slowly eating an enjoyable meal is a relaxing and restorative process that aids whole body healing.

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