Tackling the Buffet Breakfast Bar

Holiday season is on its way…and if your heading to a hotel to relax and unwind, chances are you’ll also be taking a visit to the buffet breakfast bar. Now we love a buffet breakfast as much as the next person! But we also get tempted by those donuts and chocolate croissants…and we know that those pastries and baked goods don’t help with autoimmune diseases!

So we’ve come up with a basic plan that can tackle those temptations and make sure we don’t come back with a body feeling more inflamed and stressed than when we left.

  1. Bring on the bacon!

Fat – the saturated kind – and protein will keep you feeling full and stabilise your blood sugars to make sure you don’t reach for the Danish pastries.

Head for the egg station and order a couple of poached or hard/soft boiled eggs. If you decide to have an omelette or scrambled eggs, make sure they crack the eggs in front of you – most buffet breakfast bars actually use a pre-made omelette mix which is ‘enhanced’ with pancake mix to make sure the eggs served a fluffy. As nice as fluffy scrambled eggs are, the pancake mix is filled with sugar and gluten.

After you’ve ordered your eggs its time to find the bacon. Bacon, especially if it is cured with only salt, is a good breakfast option. The saturated fat in the bacon will help to keep your hunger satisfied.

If you’re not into bacon and eggs for breakfast, other good options for sources of protein and fat include roast chicken, sausages and fish – just make sure the roast chicken and sausages are gluten free. If you’re looking for more fat, add some butter to your meal or your coffee.


2. Bulk up with leafy greens and veg

Buffet breakfasts usually have some sort of salad bar. Fill up the other half of your plate with some leafy greens, or if you’re looking for a cooked breakfast, add some steamed vegetables. A word of warning – even though the roast tomatoes are yummy, check first that they haven’t been seasoned with sugar.

3. Spice it up

This one is optional – when we travel to an Asian country, there is always some sort of chilli condiment at the buffet bar. To give our food an extra thermogenic boost, we like to add some chilli flakes or grated ginger to our dish.

Other things we like to do at the buffet breakfast bar is add some lemon to water to sip on an help digestion, as sometimes when we travel, the other foods we come across can sometimes surprise our digestion.

And if you’re looking for a special breakfast while on holidays, why not try some soft boiled eggs with soldiers…but instead of using toast, dip bacon in the gooey yolks instead!!

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