Let Me Tell You About The Myofascial Release Massage That I Got

Let Me Tell You About The Myofascial Release Massage That I Got

When I just started working, I was all enthused about it but after a few years, I started experiencing back pain, soreness in my muscles and tightness in them. Especially when the lockdown happened and everything was now a work-from-home. Sitting for long hours and working really took a toll on my muscles and joints. 

A friend suggested to me that there is a massage therapy in Auckland that she had once gotten. HealthCure Massage was the spot and she said their massages felt like heaven on earth. 

The myofascial release massage was brilliant 

Now I will tell you about the process. I sat down in the massage chair in Auckland’s premier massage centre and when the therapist began with the massage, I felt like it was really working. Just the feeling of sitting in that wonderful chair and having someone see to your joint aches was great. 

A myofascial release is when the area of connective tissue is worked on and the tightness is relieved in that area. I actually felt warmth with the oils and a kind of relief spreading around the area. 

You will understand what I am saying when you try it out for yourself. When you sit in that massage chair in Auckland you will feel rejuvenation seeping in. 

Why should you get a massage? 

I would personally say that this massage is amazing. The fascia is usually under strain because they face the brunt of all the tension that is born by these connective tissues.

Massage therapy in Auckland is tough to find often. I personally found it a little difficult to find a centre that provided massages at good costs and that was of great quality. But now with HealthCure Massage, I am at ease. 

This place also provides seated massage in Auckland or for those looking out for Auckland sports massage this place is the one. 

I feel great 

I am greatly relieved with the massage and am so relaxed. In fact the other day I was telling my husband that the pain has gotten much less in my lower back and it has become easier to sit for long hours. 

That’s what the massage does. It breaks adhesions. 

Thanks, HealthCue Massage for the miraculous massage. It has really set my joints right.

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