Let Me Tell You About The Time I Got A Foot Reflexology!

Let Me Tell You About The Time I Got A Foot Reflexology!

Name one thing better than a foot reflexology massage. I’ll wait. Well, there really isn’t. A reflexology massage is a technique that is as old as it gets. I had a lovely experience with foot reflexology at HealthCure Massage. Let me tell you all about it. 

What is a reflexology massage? 

Traditional Chinese medicine says that there are various points on the extremities of the body and these correspond to other parts that lie deeper within the body. Thus stimulating these points would have effects on the deeper parts of the body, aid with their function, promote digestion and do so much more. 

How was my experience?

I had never gotten a proper reflexology massage before but when I was working in the office, there used to be an old retired clerk and every time I’d complain of a headache, she’d take my palms into her own and put pressure on certain points. My headache would get relieved instantly and since then I had been in awe of this technique. 

My experience at HealthCure Massage was lovely. The therapists were great, privacy was respected, the ambience was lovely, the people there are very professional and on the whole, I loved it. 

What are the benefits of a reflexology massage?

I am going to tell you of the benefits I experienced. For one, I could sleep better. It was so relieving to not have to use an app or not have to stay up while everyone else was fast asleep. 

I also noticed that my body felt a lot better after the massage. I’m not simply speaking of the limbs and bones feeling great. Even internally, within myself, I did not feel heavy or in need of a run. The digestion was smooth. 

I heard these guys also have a pregnancy massage in Auckland as well as a relaxation massage in Auckland. If you are looking for one, I’d suggest you check them out. Their services are just too good to miss out on. 

HealthCure Massage has honestly been one of the best decisions ever. The precision with which every massage is curated and carried out is unmatched and I am so thrilled to be living in close quarters. 

What is your opinion on massages? 

Well, speaking for myself I always thought massages are something that is luxury and so I usually used to treat myself to a massage every now and then. But for a few months I have been thinking, why not get a massage more often?

I mean, everyone deserves a break and so does your body. Whether it is a relaxation massage in Auckland or even a therapeutic one, you need one from time to time to rejuvenate and channel back your energies into what you do. 

Guess what? Now I have started gifting people massages. Recently my friend had her baby shower and I gifted her a pregnancy massage at Auckland’s HealthCure Massage. She loved it! 

When are you getting a  massage?

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