Oils Used At Indian Head Massage Really Gave My Hair Great Nourishment

Oils Used At Indian Head Massage Really Gave My Hair Great Nourishment

When I was young, every Sunday morning was spent with my grandmother who would heat up some coconut oil and rub it into the scalp of my head, saying that this would help my hair grow. 

I never really understood the significance of it but I loved the sleep I would get after the massage, and so I went with it. 

Today, my grandmother isn’t here and I don’t really stick to the Sunday routine. So when my sister said she was going to get a head massage in Botany, I thought, why not!

A place for therapeutic massages in Auckland!

HealthCure Massage is a centre that has physiotherapists and massage professionals who are trained in the aspect of the different trigger points spread across the body and the amount of pressure that each can take. 

I did not want a massage that was aimed at something specific and opted for the relaxation massage instead. 

The Indian head massage seemed the best option and also since I hadn’t experienced a traditional head massage, I was keen to get one. 

My experience of the massage in Botany 

The booking of the massage was extremely seamless and they were very welcoming. The ambience was great and simple and comfortable. Moreover, privacy was respected, with no loud talking or compulsions. 

For me what stood out among everything was the oils that were used during the massage. These were therapeutic ones and the therapist explained that they would not only work well at relaxing my tiredness but also at nourishing my hair. 

It did! 

The relaxation massage was a great experience! 

I felt great, for one thing. I was absolutely transported back in time to days when my grandmother would set down the bowl of oil and with her steady hand movements would ensure it seeped into the deepest layers of my scalp. 

I was transported to the smells of the oil back then, to the heat emanating from it and to the very moment that would take place every Sunday. 

I am not one to usually ask people to get themselves what I got. I mean, I always see it as they have a choice. But this time, I’ll break the chain and tell you that a therapeutic massage in Auckland is a real stress-reliever. It makes you feel good. That’s it. I’ll leave it there. 

Also, pro tip. The oils are amazing!! You’ll be grateful they used it. 

Alright, then. See you guys. I need to go back to my routine. Thankfully now, I know whenever I need a massage, it’s just around the corner. 

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