Poetry: Dawn of Life

Poetry: Dawn of Life

Jun 20, 2016, 5:42:58 PM Creative

She lays in bed

and says, “why, mom, why”

She lays in bed

trying to be strong, trying not to cry

He hangs his head

wanting to fight so hard

He hangs his head

a tear drips onto his scar

Childhood taken from the children

Dreams stolen away

as they fight to remain strong

as they fight for another day

Radiation and chemotherapy

instead of tree climbing and bikes

Blood work, scans, and doctor visits

replace everything in a child’s life

Parents smile to hide their fear

They hug, comfort, and reassure

But who comforts the scared parent

Who helps them to endure

The man who prayed to a saint

who made a promise he fulfilled

The man who built a hospital

where children could be healed

Where researchers work tirelessly

to save our boys and girls

Where doctors and nurses offer hope

offer another chance at the world

Maybe one day the doors will close

Maybe the research will be done

No more treatments, test, and scans

Maybe one day Cancer will be gone

Until that day the battle will wage

Night and day St. Jude will fight

Danny’s promise will remain their heart

“No child should die in the dawn of life”

Heather L. Flood

(originally posted at ataleofatrex.wordpress.com on 03.27.15)

Published by Heather Flood

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