I Choose Pokemon Go

There has been some controversy on the new Pokémon Go app that is catching the attention of people all around the world. This new app allows players to be a part of both the physical and the virtual world.

The main controversy is that  people becoming distracted by their phones and not paying attention to their surroundings. This isn’t a new n argument since society has already been following this pattern since the invention of the cell phone. Technology has changed the way people play, communicate, and interact with each other.

It’s Gastly to think kids are spending all their time playing video games and watching television. When I was a kid I played games like kick the can and whiffle ball with the other neighbor kids: times have certainly changed.

The decrease of physical activity could be why worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. At least this app forces people to walk around and move. There are so many consequences of obesity: breathing difficulties, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and death. When your child is Weezing and Koffing because they are out of shape, you need to step in and monitor your child’s consumption of technology.

This app could pave a new path for technology. You can become your own trainer and live a healthier life. Kids are evolving from Slowpoke’s that lay around the house to kids Seaking places to walk to and explore.

Since people spend so much time walking some people believe that Pokémon Go is affecting productivity in the workplace: that seems a little Farfetch’d.  Evidence shows that walking around reduces stress.

For those feeling a little Drowzee at work, walking gets rid of dips in energy levels throughout the day. There are so many other advantages of walking that makes this app a great one to choose. Not only can you  get rid of your Jigglypuff there are others as well. 

Walking strengthens your memory, protects you from heart disease, decreases your risk of some types of cancers, and many more.

Do you ever have those gloomy days that you feel like you are stuck in the Muk? Instead of being Krabby go for a walk and it will boost your mood. Only walking for 10 minutes gives your body enough endorphins to have a good mood for two hours.

This app forces people to walk around; what is so bad about that? Technology and obesity are two huge topics talked about year after year. Why can’t technology be a solution for obesity? If Pokémon can evolve then why can’t we?

Published by Heather Lapacz

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