Best Co-Op Games to Enjoy With Your Friends

Best Co-Op Games to Enjoy With Your Friends

Jan 27, 2023, 9:13:46 AM Entertainment

What’s gaming without a few buddies to share the experience with? Co-op gaming is currently the new Meta when it comes to strategy, first-person shooter, and puzzle games. Gaming companies are busy cashing in on this with new titles coming in each year. Co-op multiplayer relies heavily on a good internet connection in order to make the online gaming process a breeze. 

As you may know, lag is a mood killer and we wouldn’t want that for any of your games. That is why equipping yourself with a fast and reliable internet like Quantum Fiber CenturyLink would be the way to go. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the best co-op games out there. 


Don’t get thrown off thinking this is one of those traditional, boring cooking games. There’s only been a trickle of worthy titles over the years that have really made an impact on the gaming community as a whole and not just a niche. 

Cooking Mama was one of the earlier titles introduced into this genre that was quite appealing to play on the Nintendo DS. Fast forward to today, Overcooked overhauls the meaning of a cooking game by introducing a fun, post-apocalyptic storyline, colorful levels, and chibi characters who collectively contribute to a co-op experience unlike any other. 

Each level gives you a limited timer while you cater to your customers and there are various obstacles involved as you cook, scram, tackle, chop, wash dishes, and yell obscenities at your fellow mates. Overcooked is an amazing game that takes your rage quits and panic attacks and funnels them into an enjoyable co-op experience. And if that’s not all, the music score speeds up to add to your anxiety for getting done with that last meal before the timer runs out. 

Rocket League

A beautiful mesh of when cars meet football. Don’t worry, the game isn’t as confusing as the definition of it. To elaborate, you get to choose your car (usually an Octane, Breakout, or Merc) and you get teamed up with two other players. Mind you, there are various playing modes in this game but we’re going to talk about the regular 3v3. The game then places you on a football pitch with a humongous ball in the middle. A football, if you may, but with the mechanics and buoyancy of a beach ball.

There are two goals on either side and you may assign among your team who would be the goalkeeper. Additionally, there are many boost pads peppered across the field with four big ones on each corner. From there on out, the objective is to drive your car into the ball and score. 

The game spices things up by allowing you to traverse the boundary walls and get creative with scoring as you flip, bounce, fly and blow up your opponents by ramming into them at full speed. Fun, right? And that’s the whole point of a co-op. 

Destiny 2

If you want to talk about comebacks, Destiny 2 is probably going to top the gaming list. While it didn’t do well with its base game, Destiny 2 went through lots of internal changes (and external factors) to perfect the formula of the game. A big aspect given a fresh new outlook was the co-op play. 

Destiny 2 is a game that relies heavily on teammates working together to take on the story and additional modes. Modes like strike are a joy to play with other players because of the additional loot and easier horde clears you can get. There’s bigger fish to fry in the Raid modes and quite frankly, unless you don’t have a tightly-knit fire team to work with, Raid missions can’t be cleared as well. 

COD Warzone 2

The critically acclaimed title for the ultimate boots-on-the-ground battle royale has returned with a “2” in its name. Warzone 2 acts as a direct sequel for Warzone with updated guns, new and returning characters, new cosmetics, and, of course, a brand new map. Warzone gained popularity because it was the first battle royale that didn’t incorporate fantasy-based elements and offered players a chance to become soldiers (or killers) in traditional fashion. 

Warzone improves on that formula by offering multiple traversal mediums like water, sky, and land with a plethora of vehicles offering to help you travel on those topographical channels. Staying true to its prequels size, Warzone 2 is a beefy game; asking for up to 100 GB of free space on your console. Since the gameplay is stable and there’s been much improvement done, we recommend getting this title. Plus, your mates will probably be on it anyway.


That’s a wrap on our top picks for co-op gaming. All the aforementioned titles have something different yet equally tantalizing to offer and they only get better the more friends you play them with. Get your weekend gaming sessions on with a few of these and you’ll get what we mean. Game on. 

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Written by Hector Collins

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