How to Cut Down on a Stiff Neck with a Sleeping wedge?

How to Cut Down on a Stiff Neck with a Sleeping wedge?

Awakening up in the morning with a stiff neck can be unforeseen and uncomfortable. A stiff neck’s pain can be severe and painful that can limit your neck movement. A stiff neck can develop during sleep due to many reasons and it is advisable to be cautious and prevent it. Prevention will be better as you can invest in buying good quality bed wedges. There are plenty of things that you can do to minimize the risk of a stiff neck. The best place to start is to examine the way you sleep and what long-term effect it has on your neck. In this blog, we have mentioned some major factors that develop neck stiffness during sleep and how an individual can prevent it.

Uncover the Reasons How does Neck Stiffness Develop During Sleep

In this section, we have listed the major factors that cause a stiff neck while sleeping.

Incorrect Angle of Sleeping

An individual might sleep at an incorrect angle for a long period. It can lead to stress muscles, joints, and ligaments beyond the normal range. It can thus cause neck stiffness and cause immense pain and discomfort. It is important to examine your angle while you sleep and ensure that you sleep at the correct angle to avoid neck stiffness.

Sudden Movement:

While sleeping many individuals make a sudden movement and it can lead to a stiff neck. Sudden movements can cause strain in the neck so it is important to avoid making sudden movements and be careful while sleeping.

Sleeping on an Uncomfortable Mattress

Many individuals sleep on an uncomfortable sleeping wedge that can cause neck stiffness. Make sure that you buy a sleeping wedge from a reliable brand that ensures guarantee and comfort. Picking the right sleeping wedge can significantly cut down on neck stiffness as it helps an individual to sleep at the right angle.

Previous Injuries

Most commonly, the crux of a stiff neck is a neck sprain, which could be primarily due to a ligament sprain and a muscle strain. Several other causes can lead to neck stiffness. A person’s pre-existing injuries can also aggravate neck stiffness. It is advisable to see a medical expert who can diagnose and treat your pre-existing injuries. 

The above-mentioned are some of the major reasons that cause a stiff neck. However, a person can take preventive measures by investing in a good quality sleeping wedge that provides comfort and is easy to install. An individual can significantly cut down on neck stiffness by buying the right bed wedges as you can sleep in any position and avoid suffering from a stiff neck.

Find Out How to Prevent a Stiff Neck During Sleeping

Steps can be taken to lower or eliminate the chance of developing a stiff neck. We have listed a few preventive measures that can help you avoid having a stiff neck.

Examine your Sleep Position

Sleeping on the stomach causes more stress on a person’s cervical spine as the head is driven to one side. It is advisable to sleep on your back and put a minimal amount of stress on the cervical spine. You can also sleep in the side position or you can also sleep in a reclined position as it is more comfortable for the neck to some individuals. If you are having a stiff neck, then it is suggested to examine your sleep position and change it if it is causing stress on the neck and spine.

Pick the Right Mattress

Just like the sleeping position, picking the right mattress is important. Ensure that you select the right mattress as it can significantly cut down on the stiff neck. Picking the right under mattress bed wedge is the ultimate solution and will provide you relief. A good quality sleeping wedge is specifically designed to be a natural solution for your woes. The foam wedge is non-invasive and will prevent a stiff neck.

Select the Right Pillow

No one specific type of pillow is suitable for all so make sure that you get the right pillow that is comfortable. Individuals who sleep in their back can place a cervical pillow below the cervical spine as it offers better support and avoids pain in the neck. For individuals who side sleepers can benefit by using an extra pillow between their knees and keeping their spine more aligned. 

Check the Temperature

It is advisable to keep the temperature comfortable and examine it before you go to sleep. Many individuals convey they have a stiff neck when they wake up after having a cool blow on them from a vent, air conditioner, fan, open window, and many more. It is recommended to avoid sleeping in the cool air blowing directly on your neck.

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