A Racialist View About Online Dating

As I continue my latest studies and observations about the world of online dating, I decided that I must post about the topic and subject matter of race and how it pertains to online dating.  Contrary to what the scumbags will say, I am very much open to dating all kinds of people outside of my own race and my own ethnic group.  I am 80% Igbo, 10% Jewish and 10% white yet I would openly date and even marry someone who isn’t primarily from my own tribe because I am searching for the woman with the best soul possible; a woman who is willing to be loyal only to me and to give me the same unconditional love that I give her.  Such a premise seems simple enough yet the vast majority of women and humans are incapable of such a simple task that I know that such a lovely woman will be very difficult to find.

It never ceases to amaze me that in this society how many people will make the following statement on their online dating profile: “I do not want to date a black man, a black woman, a white woman, a white man” or “I prefer to date only Latino men or Latino women”, yet they will forever proclaim that they are not racists.  I hate to be the one to bring the truth to the light but the simple fact of the matter is that they are practicing a racist concept in that they refuse to date outside of their own race.  The term that I keep on using is that of racialism in that a person is concerned about matters of race.  That term has now become applicable to anyone who shows an ounce of preference of one race over another.  As a person who literally cares very little about race since I am more focused on the soul and the energy vibes given off by other human beings, a person cannot proclaim to not be a racist, yet only wish to date within their own race.  It is the ultimate ploy of hypocrisy and the never ending double standard.

No wonder most non Americans correctly view America as a racist society when even in private we admit that we won’t be caught dead dating someone outside of our own race, yet openly preach in public for all people to accept diversity and multiculturalism yet in private, most Americans would never dare date outside of their own race or their racial preference.  Now, we have black nigger women openly trying to bed and date white men and likewise we have white race traitor men who are openly trying to bed asian women.  Even while they are doing these acts of hypocrisy, they are proclaiming that they do not have a preference yet they are showing an obvious racial preference, not even for their own race, but for the race of others.

That is why I preach for universality where ALL people have a chance to either preserve their own identity or to show an inclusive nature to openly date and include whomever they wish but they must remain consistent in such a manner.  This tribal mentality plays into the hands of our enemies, the destroyers of mankind who are out to destroy all heritage of our ancestors.  Either you are fully willing to date anyone outside of  own race as a true anti-racist or you are living a lie in that you will only date a particular racial group and are thus a racist as well.  Only in this god forsaken land can such double stands exist in the crap nation called America, where hypocrisy and double speak are treated as sacred notions.  In due time, this nation and all who dwell here will cease to exist, and for such a day, I will be leading the charge for its ultimate demise!

Published by Henry Graves


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