Another Perspective On The Orlando Shootings….

Another Perspective On The Orlando Shootings….

Jun 14, 2016, 7:11:40 PM News


Today marks the day after the Orlando day shootings and while many people are filled with many emotions of anger, pain, hurt, confusion, and many other reactions, I usually have a sense of general apathy for the most part due to my nihilistic nature.  When these mass shootings happen here in America, I am one of the very few people who tries to analyze the why aspect of why the shooter decided to risk everything that they had earned and their own freedom to kill people.  From my own research most of these shooters were living regular lives with jobs, families, and even some from an educated background.  Just above my own words, I have posted six links as to the gunman’s background and why he might have been motivated to risk his own life and freedom to commit this crime.  Now, do not think that I have no sympathies for the victims for I also did a post about the victims and for the world to never forget their own pain; yet still I am always trying to understand the different perspectives when a mass shooting happens in America.

Back in March of 2012, I was reading an article about a shooting about a Korean American had killed students as a nursing school and immediately I began to sympathize with his circumstances.  He had been denied an opportunity to take back his money once he realized the scam that is higher education; all he wanted was for the refund to be prorated over several years and it was denied.  This made this man snap looking at the unjust nature of this society that he had to face his own father as a failure; such disgraceful things were not a part of his culture and he was facing a lifetime of embarrassment when his own father was facing his own deathbed.  Now, do not think that I condone his actions of violence but I do very much sympathize with his disappoints as a fellow immigrant who has struggled to find a modicum of success here in America.

If this world and this society would learn to have an open dialogue as to what makes these killers snap and commit these mass shootings, maybe the nation would face less of this crisis.  I know that the talk will center around his homophobia, more talk of banning Muslims from America, and gun control laws, but all this does is create more divisions when the nation needs to embraced education and learning in order to finally realize that our own society helps to create such monsters and that only when we deal with the fact that this society is at its very heart, an uncaring one, then we can have an open dialogue to at least have these questions brought to the forefront of the nation.  Sadly I don’t see that option happening so I continue to make plans for the end of 2017 when I leave for a new life in Ecaudor and cut away all contact from my friends and family.  

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