New Traditions Emerge!

New Traditions Emerge!

Last week was the first time that I spent the holidays by myself; last year, I spent the holidays with one of my best friends on vacation, but this year, now that I have officially disowned both of my parents, I made a conscious decision to begin my life anew with new traditions.  Ever since I was born into a Nigerian family, I was forced with traditions that I never consented to; traditions such as becoming a knight in a church that I despite, as well as traditions and responsibilities associated with being the first born son of the family.  Now that I have reached the big 3-0, I am free to begin my own traditions.  I fondly remember my traditions that began in 2007 of staying up until the early morning playing on my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with violent videogames, wishing that I could re-engineer my old childhood memories.  Those same childhood memories of being forced to attend religious services, worshiping false gods and false idols, and being coerced to use my own hard earned money to buy presents for myself.  All of this injustice was thanks to having Nigerian parents who believed in selfish desires, believing that how their children live their lives will reflect upon them.  How odd indeed that myself and my siblings have done very well in our lives and it is still not good enough for these monsters called parents.

After living with parents who have made it their ow objectives to ruin me financially, who refused to support me with my own career and educational decisions, and who consistently undermined me with those I love and care about, I have decided to make my own traditions and I began that new journey last Thursday on Thanksgiving Day by buying my own thanksgiving lunch, enjoying a good game of football with no single ounce of alcoholic beverages, and my blessed nap followed by some violent videogames on my Xbox One and PS4.  It is these same new traditions that I shall continue in the next three weeks as I celebrate the holidays and what the future will bring to me in the year 2017.  A year that will finally see me forever free of the evil responsibilities of having despicable Nigerian parents who choose their own happiness over their own children’s wellbeing and welfare.

These new traditions also reflect my desire to live the last remaining days of my life free of responsibilities that I did not place upon myself and to further write my own chapter under the last name that I choose for myself five years ago.  How odd that after speaking to my sisters about three days ago, they admitted that my own ex mother was having nightmares that she would never hear from me and that I would end up with even worse health than I currently have, but I know that she is merely suffering from a guilty conscience, living with the knowledge that her only son will never speak to her.  It has also gotten worse for my own ex father that he has resorted to begging his old friends to anonymously call my cellphone with the hope that I will speak to them, but that will never be!  My family consists of my three sisters and my mentor, whom I call my adopted mother since she has given me the unconditional love and support that I have never received from my own biological parents since birth.

Published by Henry Graves

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