No More Notes For Me!

No More Notes For Me!

Oct 15, 2016, 11:44:03 PM Tech and Science


About three weeks ago, I made a decision to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from a seller on craigslist but I did not know about the impending recall nor did I believe the media coverage about the exploding batteries.  The seller from craiglist did not mention the situation to me and I paid the sum of over 600 dollars for the phone only to find out, after an update from Verizon, that the phone had to be returned for an exchange unit.  I tried and tried to get one but Verizon refused to budge so I forced the seller, through the use of my weapon and brute force, to take back the phone and give me back my money.  I then used my money to obtain a replacement phone despite the recall because I remembered the great loyalty that I held for Samsung.  Unlike many Galaxy Note owners, I was one of the earliest adopters of the smartphone, going back to when I left Verizon for AT&T merely to try out the first Note 1 phone.  It was at a time when people were laughing at a phone with 5.3 inches in screen size but I was one of those people who was screaming that a 4.3 inch phone was way too small for someone like me who is over 6 foot, 3 inches.  I have maintained that tradition of only using Note phones, buying ever single Note phone from the first note to the sixth note called the Galaxy Note 7.  Well on Tuesday, I received a text message to return my less than two week old Note 7 phone from Verizon because Samsung had decided to officially kill off the phone.  Little did they know that I had already returned the phone about 2 hours before they had sent me the text message and was using the Motorola Moto Droid Z Force and was even able to get back two hundred dollars for my efforts.

Above the first paragraph, I have pasted an article, a link about some note 7 owners refusing to give up their smartphone.  I was one of those because despite the potential problems of the device, there is truly no other phone on the market that can best the features and technological advances of the Note 7.  The battery situation was bad, but while I was using the phone, the battery was able to endure any condition and lasted me through the day and well into the next day.  Not to even mention the excellent display (I often joke that the phone had a super shiny sticker as a screen), the curved glass features, the fast charging experience, and the many other features that no competitor possesses like an Iris scanner.  It was truly the best phone that Samsung has ever made from a technological standpoint.  It was too bad that I refused to take the risk of having my phone explode because my phone is my PDA or personal device assistant and I use it everyday to help me run my life and to get through the long days.  Also, the fact that Samsung dropped all support for the device meant that I would not be able to get software updates nor would I be able to get warranty support if something was to happen with the phone.  It will be the last Note phone that I will own for the rest of my duration on this planet.  At least I knew that for the past 4 years, I held the most powerful phone on the planet in my pocket…..

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