A City You Must Visit Once In Life

A City You Must Visit Once In Life


Yes, Venice is the city you must visit once in life. Many of you will be wondering why Venice out of all the cities in the world?

Venezia (how the Italians call it) is the only city which is based on water. Imagine living in a place with no roads, no cars, no traffic. Just boats with colorful houses around. Won’t it give you a sense of peace and glory?

Venice is the city of love and grace that shines at night but its sad and beautiful during the day. A city full of history and secrets. Just like a women, peaceful and quite but still beautiful. It never fails to amaze anyone. Its different from the others; its a unique city. It’s a naked city dressed up by water. Colorful and yet colorless. You will fall in love with the different colors of the city. Venice makes color blinded people see the beautiful colors of its body while it makes itself colorless for those who are able to see the colors. There is something for everyone in that beautiful city filled with water. Glory penetrates the sunlight that rains over Venice – It looks romantic.

If you want to feel all the emotions all at the same time, then Venice is the city you should visit. You will feel beauty, glory, sadness, and joy at the same time. You feel autumn, winter, spring and summer all at once. Venice its such a cold and yet warm city, it will make you feel alive more than you’ve ever been by falling in love, and yet, you will fall in love with Venice. And you will keep falling in all over and over again. Venice its a poor but yet rich city. You will experience vintage and tumbler in real life because Venice is the city of everyone’s dreams. If you haven’t visited Venice, you haven’t explored the beauty of this earth and what is has to offer.

Grand Canal.

Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal is one of the biggest water traffic corridors in the city. If you want to just relax and admire the beauty of the city then just take a water bus, water taxi or the gondola and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city. The best time to go in the Grand Canal is during sunrise, sunset or during night as it will give you a breathtaking view. You will swear that you never have seen anything more beautiful than that view.


You haven’t explored Venice if you haven’t visited to Murano. Murano is a series of islands linked together by the bridges in Venetian Lagoon. Its situated at the north of Venice, and its famous for its glass making. Its rich in color and it will make you feel like you are in a world full or colors and happiness. Murano will bring out the creative side of you, it will make you feel so good about yourself that you will be so grateful of being alive. It will make you forget about all the problems you have because that place will make you feel like you are in another different world.


Just look at the beauty of this city. You could get lost and not feel scared or out of place because you will be too busy admiring the beauty and exploring the different hidden treasures in the city. Venice its the only city where getting lost is seen as one of the best things you could ever do as you will explore things you haven’t even imagined.


If words aren’t enough for you and you want to see it for yourself, then just check out the    video which will make you realise that Venice is truly the city that you must visit                once in your life and find out what the earth has to offer you.


You can find out more information about the city, the places to visit, where to stay, the best restaurants, what to do in Venice and much more on the link above.

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Feb 23, 2018, 11:12:28 AM

Definitely, Venice is the city of love, art, and many exciting stories. The colorful houses lining the canals; traditional wooden gondolas gliding on the water under the quaint bridges. You can find the tickets to the museums in Venice on below link. https://dotravel.com/ticket/show/1239/venice-doges-palace-tickets

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