10 tips for saving money on a daily basis

10 tips for saving money on a daily basis

Feb 23, 2018, 2:10:32 PM Life and Styles

Tired of being exposed? There are habits that make poor, here are examples to support! Now that you have realized these little things, here are 10 practical tips for saving money every day.

1. Apply the 48-hour law

Before you crack for a pair of expensive shoes or a luxury bag, give yourself a 2-day cooling off. It will save you from making a compulsive purchase that you may regret. You will see that thanks to this trick, you will "crack" much less easily.

2. Adopt a daily savings routine

Generally, when we think about saving, we put pressure on ourselves by saying that the amount must necessarily be high. The problem with this reflection is that finally, this amount seems too important and we end up not saving at all by postponing to the next month ... where the same thing happens. Tell yourself that you can save 50 cents or even R10 every day. Take a jar and put R10 every day. At the end of 1 year, the accumulated sum equates to nearly R3650. Not negligible anyway!

3. Make your accounts

Knowing exactly how much money you have is essential. So you will always know where you are financially and will be much less willing to spend more. You can make a budget in several areas to better manage your expenses. If your budget for shopping is R200 you cannot reasonably crack for shoes at R400. On the other hand, you can save on several months to increase this budget and to offer you this pair. Everything is a question of organization.

Evaluate the ratio earned money per day or time / cost of the item or object

"How much do I earn per day or hour? Just asking yourself this simple question can help you save a lot, as it will allow you to convert the cost of your purchase into hours or days worked. Imagine that you earn R500 per day, or about R200 per hour. Jeans at R400 would cost you in reality 2 days of work, i.e. 14 hours, for example. Before making a purchase that you do not necessarily need, do this little calculation. Guaranteed effect!

5. Make a shopping or shopping list

Another tip: shopping or shopping with a list. It will allow you to know exactly what to buy and even to budget. Without a list, it's well known, you end up buying a lot of useless things, especially when you're hungry. Logic and the same when you go shopping and have just paid his pay. We only need a little jacket, but we will buy accessories, several tops and even a dress. Result of the races? We spent a lot more than we planned and we do not save at all or much less!

6. Make a large cash withdrawal per month from your bank's distributor

The blue card is great, but for some, it makes you spend more, because they do not visualize concretely how much it represents. If this is your case, I advise you to make a big withdrawal to the distributor of your bank (and not elsewhere, otherwise, you will pay a fee). Before you spend your green or orange ticket, you will do it several times, believe me!

7. Terminate his overdraft authorization

The overdraft authorization is often automatically offered by your advisor. It is said that it is convenient in case of glitch but quickly, it can become a crutch too often used. The best, whenever possible, is to terminate it completely. Without discovery, impossible to live beyond his means.

8. Bringing your bowl to work

By laziness or forgetfulness, no bowl is brought to work. Error! Go to the restaurant every lunchtime, even the company's, eat a sandwich or McDo, All this is a cost. Make the calculation and you will see that 1 hour to prepare sautéed rice and some vegetables that you put in 3 or 4 different bowls to freeze will seem derisory. There are several cooking tutorials on the Internet.


9. Take Uber or taxi less often

Uber has changed our lives, of course, but remember before when you used to take metre taxi or arrange for transport. The taxi or Uber for special occasions, OK but all the time, to make 300 meters, it is not reasonable from a financial point of view.

10. Order on the Internet

With the digital age has arrived the time of choice and simplicity. Today, you can take 15 minutes to order a batch of 4 bottles of micellar water that you will receive at home in 48 hours maximum and at a price unbeatable. The Internet is full of promotional offers of all kinds. Think about it to do your shopping.

Published by Hlulani Baloyi

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