Reading !


Reading !

One of my friend’s wife diagnosed with cancer. I shared my concern and asked him anything I can do for him and his family. I kept reminding him to take care of his young children and also his wife, who need his support. Of course, I share my understanding on the diet to help his wife for recovery. She chosen to take western medical treatment with Cut and also Chemotherapy.

I respect people’s decision on their way of treatment even though I don’t agree to put poison our body as Chemo will kill a lot of healthy cell and  our body getting weak. I advised him to give natural diet and most important to stop taking meat immediately. However, the school of thought is so different. He is so insist that a must to take meat if not body is getting weaker as not enough protein and this is supported by their medical Doctor, each day must take the portion of meat like the size of drumstick.

If he is willing to research further, there are plenty of plant protein and also why we would like to burden our body with meat taking as body enzyme need to digest the meat. Why not let the good enzyme to defeat the cancer cell?

Well, we can only share what we know and whether they are going to follow, it’s beyond our control. At least, I gave my advise and share my knowhow. I read many books on cancer, I did my study on this topic as it became so common that 1 of 4 people might get cancer. In Japan, the ratio is 1 of 2 people will get cancer. Instead of avoiding this topic as too fearful and always assume, “It can’t be me.”

It’s great that we can spend time to understand, and sustain healthy lifestyle, to feed good nutrient, good rest to our immune system. Whatever we learn, it’s not only benefit to ourselves but to others too. We can always give support and advise whenever needed by others.

According to Doctor Kondo Makoto, “No need to be frighten or too stressful with cancer, no need to immediately rush for treatment”

You need to be frighten by the treatment of cancer! Perhaps, just do nothing and you can live longer and enjoy quality life as compared to accept the “Treatment of cancers”

Do your best to read, understand and practice! You are going to benefit to others!


Published by Hoh Li Jiun

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