My double chin- how my diet has nosedived since I started travelling.

My double chin- how my diet has nosedived since I started travelling.

Sep 2, 2016, 9:22:03 PM Life and Styles

It’s not so much the eating, although that is a problem. It’s the drinking; the booze
sends you into a viscous circle of late night snacks which obvs you’ve gotta bookend with some suitable hangover food in the morning. Before I left the UK I saw a nutritionist regularly, I monitored my meals closely and would follow an extremely healthy diet, supported by relevant supplements, cleansing tea, low sugar etc etc etc. 

Then I went travelling and got a little overexcited!

Sugar- I only have sugar on days I’m actually travelling, so actually moving around with bag. Oh and the days I’m upset from saying goodbye to people, and when I’ve got my period and the five days leading up to my period, naturally.
Any other day then I don’t have sugar, except if there’s some delicious local treat then I’ll reward myself with a ‘cultural snack’. Anything from a genuine delicacy coconut pancakey thing, to a salted caramel Oreo from Tesco Lotus. Basically if you can’t get it in the UK, GET IN MY MOUTH!

So I guess with sugar the rules have become, there are no rules; but what can I say I’m emotional.

Western food- Trying all the different local food has been 90% an absolute joy. I didn’t think I would ever crave a Pad Thai for breakfast, but oh my god Pad fucking Thai! Being away for a while naturally I miss food and drink that is normal to my own country. The things I would do for a really good glass of red wine are morally compromising and personally disturbing. I do want eggs for breakfast and quite frankly something bland and covered in ketchup for lunch.

I met this man just back from a stint in Nepal that I affectionately named Burger King guy. He was so excited to get a fast food again, and why not? Not every tiny thing you consume should be a cultural by-product. It was unfortunate for him there was a vegan girl in our dorm at the time, and without going into any detail his enthusiasm soon dissipated.

The booze- My double chin has a lot to do with beer, but beer is fun and tastes delicious.

The money- Constant attempts to keep money costs at a minimum means that if there’s a healthier options for double the price you know I’m going for the beigest dish on the menu.

I love the food. I hate the food. But what I really miss is making my own food, and I can’t cook for shit. 


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